Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pinewood Battery and other Morning Trail sights (photo-essay)

At the end of the last photo-essay before this one, I promised that I'd put up some photos I took of the Pinewood Battery. Before doing so here though, here's first quoting some of what local historian Jason Wordie had to say about this former military site in his Streets: Exploring Hong Kong Island (Hong Kong University Press, 2002:95):-

Construction of a gun battery started on [a] remote hillside west of Lugard Road commenced in 1903, but in 1910 the emplacement was designated surplus to requirements and the guns removed. After standing abandoned for over a decade, it was reactivated in the mid-1920s as an anti-aircraft emplacement. After being bombed and badly damaged in the early stage of the Japanese attack on Hong Kong it was abandoned, and never refortified after the [Second World W]ar.

Literally within walking distance
millionaires' mansions on The ritzy Peak
lie the ruins of a military installation

Previously a military site, the Pinewood Battery
now is located within Lung Fu Shan Country Park

If these walls could talk...?

Some of the walls still have
camouflouge paint on them

Other sections of the complex have been
reclaimed by nature and now wear natural green

Really back to nature:
the flowers of a wax tree (AKA wild sumac)

Still, the city really never was all that far away
(N.B. Click on the picture to enlarge it to
better see how busy Victoria Harbour is!)

Near the Mid-Levels end of the Morning Trail
lies another historical item: a stone
boundary marker for the old City of Victoria


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link about the city boundary stones. I have half a mind to visit them all.

Speaking of things from the past, have you visited the Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley? Not only is it an amazing glimpse into the city's past, it's also a great place to experience the odd feeling of suddenly being alone compared to the overwhelming density of nearby Causeway Bay.

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Yeah, I so enjoy your hike photos. Next time I visit Hong Kong I want to go on all of them.

alejna said...

Cool photos! And, wow, are you ever right about Victoria Harbour looking busy. Is it always that crowded?

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

You're welcome re the link and thanks for following it. :)

And no, I've not yet visited the Happy Valley cemetery. I've been meaning to but just haven't got to doing so. Ditto re the Stanley and Macau Christian cemeteries!

Hi sbk --

You want to go on *all* the hikes? Looks like you're due a long stay in Hong Kong then! ;b

Hi Alejna --

Re Victoria Harbour being crowded: Let's put it this way -- I took that photo on a Sunday. Would imagine that other days of the week would see Victoria Harbour being even busier! :b