Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My last hike of 2008 (photo-essay)

An old friend of mine -- and fellow Hong Kong film fanatic -- frankly told me that he doesn't care much for my hiking photo-essays. In contrast, a colleague who knows about my blogging activities was moved to rue that I sometimes write about movies rather than always devote my blog to putting up photos from my hikes!

For all of my being a movie geek (who often celebrates Hong Kong's being a movie mecca), I must admit that the recent spate of Hong Kong International Film Festival posts has left me thinking that this blog needed to have some more "green" visuals. So, especially after realizing that my last hiking post before this was back in early March, here's recognizing that it's high time for another hiking photo-essay: this time, of a hike back in December 2008(!) that took my hiking companion and I from The Peak down to the Mid-Levels along parts of the Peak Trail, Lung Fa Shan Fitness Trail and what's known as The Morning Trail:-

A far from gushy waterfall along
the circular -- and largely flat -- Peak Trail

From The Peak looking down towards
the northwestern section of Hong Kong Island

The 494 meter (i.e., 1,621 feet)-high High West
-- a peak set aside for another's day hike! --
as viewed from scenic High West Park

The Peak's real peak(s)?

A section of the largely paved
and down-wards descending trail

Two Hong Kong wild flowers books later,
I still can't identify these flowers! :S

Ditto with these fluffy examples of flora :((

This, on the other hand (and eureka!),
identifiably is a periwinkle flower! :)

Incidentally, that last flower was growing out of a section of the ruins of Pinewood Battery, a 20th century fort that was Hong Kong's highest coastal defense platform for a time. As it so happens, our hike took us to as well as past it. And yes, of course, I took a lot of photos of the historical site... and will put them up on this blog before too long! ;b


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, here is one HK film fanatic who loves your hiking posts!

And you may not know it, but I think your hiking posts are collectively one of the best resources for someone considering exploring the great outdoors of HK.

I've only done one real hike during my several trips to HK -- from the Po Lin Monastery to Tung Chung(?) on Lantau Island -- but your photo-essays are constant reminder that I really need to make a determined effort to set aside a day for hiking on my next trip.

So, keep on hiking and keep on posting! :D

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Have to say that you made my day with your comments! Thanks for them and yes, you should try hiking some more in Hong Kong. Am hoping to go hiking again this Sunday if the good weather holds up -- it's been gorgeous this week when I've had to be in an office! ;S

Steve said...

I was kidding about not prevalence of hiking pictures -- I've used several shots of the mountains/cities taken from the trails as desktop backgrounds. More shots of the rest of Hong Kong would also be welcome; you have a good eye for photography.

YTSL said...

Er Steve --

Actually, I wasn't referring to you in the first sentence of this blog entry. So please clear your conscience! And wow re your using some of my shots as desktop backgrounds -- that's a major compliment indeed! :D