Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hong Kong decadence

Waffles, Hong Kong-style

This one's for you, duriandave -- in honor of our recent e-mail conversation about Hong Kong eats... in particular, such decadent delights as Hong Kong-style French toast (a recipe for which can be had here -- courtesy of a Malaysian homemaker!) and waffles topped with -- and I can personally vouch for this as this is what I had earlier today (and took a photo of -- see above) -- butter but also peanut butter, sugar crystals and (sweetened) condensed milk!

Are these foods bad for you? Probably! But does it hurt all that much to have it once in a while? I'm hoping not because, honestly, they really are so delicious that it's very hard to resist partaking of them once you come to know of their very existence. (And yes, I do recommend that visitors to the Big Lychee -- particularly those that consider themselves foodies -- give them a try... along with more famous (and "traditionally Chinese") foods... :b)


Anonymous said...

Oh, man... I can feel my arteries clog up just looking at this picture. But that certainly won't stop me from trying this sinfully delicious-looking HK specialty on my upcoming visit.

Thanks YTSL! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey... I just set your picture as my desktop background on my work computer. It will help me endure the waiting for my trip to begin! ;p

Lilly said...

Oh yum and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet either.

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Glad you like my photo... Took it while holding the camera in one hand and the waffle in the other. By the time I had successfully taken the photo, my left hand was so... oily! ;b

Hi Lilly --

So... did you treat yourself to waffles for breakfast then? :b

Horsoon said...

Didn't know waffles look so nice :p

YTSL said...

Hi Horsoon --

Wow, that's a real compliment coming as it does from a photographer like you! :)