Saturday, October 13, 2012

Empty and Water (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

On my birthday this year, I decided to go spend a few hours in a place by the water that I know is beautiful and was banking would get me away from the crowds that Hong Kong is infamous for.  And sure enough, when I went for what's only my second time to Tai Tau Chau, an island joined to the Shek O Headland by a sturdy painted bridge, I found it to be empty of people besides myself.  

No lie: I didn't see another person the whole time that I was on the admittedly small island.  And if truth be told, I actually would have welcomed seeing a few people around!  For the thing is that although Tai Tau Chau's geographically really close to civilization, it can feel like a very rugged world away -- what with it literally being such a rocky place for the most part, with intimidating-looking cliffs that are pounded pretty loudly by foam-creating, froth-churning waves.

Looking back, I should have taken advantage of how empty the island was of people to do such as further de-stress by yelling, shouting and screaming out the way that people in many a Korean movie and drama often go to the river to do (and a friend at boarding school had taught me to do -- thereby inspiring me to organize communal screams during my time at Beloit College!).  But then, that would have involved disturbing the peace and quiet of the place where the loudest sounds I heard while that made by pounding waves, the birds that have their home on the island, and my feet as they pounded along the concreted trails (some sections of which come with railings on one side) to be found on Tai Tau Chau -- and at that point in time, I didn't particularly want that to happen.

So I contented myself for the most part by enjoying the refreshing breezes that waft over much of the island, drinking in the sights and taking photos, including of scenic spots where land and water meet -- and in so doing, came away with some images that I think work pretty well for both Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunts this week. :)


magiceye said...

The wonder of solitude!
Beautiful post with lovely images!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous part of hk that is. someday i'd like to be able to see more of hk than a 6 hr layover can give me.

MaR said...

I enjoy moments of solitude too, what a wonderful place to spend your bday!!Happy belated bday :)

empty ~ water

And a note: bl*gger is doing a great job sorting out spams in a separate folder, I haven't worried about those comments in months.

Gattina said...

I like the water hitting the rocks !

Annie said...

Nice post! There's something very magical about the view in the second photo.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

YTSL said...

Hi magiceye --

Thanks for reading as well as looking. :)

Hi ewok1993 --

Woah, 6 hours just is not enough time to be in Hong Kong. Try 6 days at least -- I think you'd enjoy it! :)

Hi Mar --

Thanks for the belated bday wishes. And re blogger: yep for the most part re the spam but the human spammers still can go through and sometimes blogger puts non-spam in as spam too! :O

Hi Gattina --

Me too! :)

Hi Annie --

For my part, I like the color balance in the 2nd photo. And yep re having a good weekend (thus far). :)

chica said...

Muito lindas as fotos, perfeitas para o tema! abra├žos, lindo fim de semana,chica

Anonymous said...

Amazing how empty such a beautiful spot was. Great shot for this week's theme.

Have a super weekend.

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, happy belated birthday to you. Great take on the dual themes. This looks like a tranquil and beautiful setting and a wonderful place for a hike. I had to smile when reading your communal screams comment. Mainly because I've done that but it was only for the acoustics in locations like canyons. :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Have a great weekend.

Carver said...

Happy belated Birthday. That looks like a beautiful place. I like to go to places that are empty of other people except I prefer to have a companion with me if it's a remote spot. Bill and I used to hike and camp at places where we wouldn't see another person the whole time but I wouldn't have wanted to be that deep in a forest if I'd been alone so I understand the feeling you had on the island.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Wonderful shots for the theme!

fredamans said...

LOVE your water shots!

YTSL said...

Hi Chica --

I studied Spanish for a year at college but it's almost all gone, alas. Still, I think you're saying nice things -- "muito lindas" = very pretty, right? And "perfeitas para o tema" = perfect for the theme? If so, thanks much! :b

Hi JDeQ --

I think a lot of people don't realize its existence since not many people even go up to the Shek O Headlands. But more power for those of us who know if then, right? :)

Hi Trekcapri --

Thank you for your wishes and compliments! And teehee re your letting me know that you are into trying out the acoustics of places like canyons... ;D

Hi Carver --

I'm a fellow believer of not going alone to a remote spot. The amazing thing with this place is that it's not that remote at all -- it just *really* can feel like that's the case! :)

Hi Twisted Cinderella --

Thank you! :)

Hi fredamans --

I'm glad you do -- and also that you came over to visit this week! :)

Maurizio Riccio said...

What gorgeous imagery! I have always dreamed of going on a photo adventure in Honk Kong. Thanks for sharing.

YTSL said...

Hi Maurizio --

I'm glad you like my shots. Especially since your photos are so incredible! :)

LifeRamblings said...

wow, such a lovely spot to enjoy a moment's peace. the second photo is awesomely beautiful.

YTSL said...

Hi Life Ramblings --

Actually, it was more than an hour's peace! And I'm glad you like the second photo. :)

Bing said...

the second photo is lovely!

i have a similar photo for this theme, too, only that it was not me who took them by the beach.

YTSL said...

Hi bing --

Thanks -- and I tried to leave a message over at your blog but it seems like Wordpress is rejecting this Blogger blogger's comments! :(

Vicki said...

Love views and surprising that it was empty of people

My empty is at

YTSL said...

Hi Vicki --

To be fair, it was a weekday afternoon when I visited there... but I've also been there on a weekend and didn't find many people at all there!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy belated birthday!! Unique way to celebrate your birthday on an empty island. :)

Sorry for commenting late as I was away on an overseas trip.

YTSL said...

Hi EastCoastLife --

Better late than never! Hope you had an enjoyable/productive overseas trip. :)