Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sassy and Parks (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

As regular visitors to this blog know, I regularly enjoy hiking in Hong Kong's country parks.  I also like visiting national parks in other countries (including Japan and my native Malaysia).  And while it's true that I don't go as often to amusement parks, I also have had good times whenever I've visited what could be described as the country and national parks' sassy cousins!

One summer day a few years back, my German friend (who I met when she lived in Hong Kong and have visited in Germany after she returned there) spent a fun day at Ocean Park.  On our visit, we did spend time checking out the aquarium attractions but, really, what we liked best were the "thrill" rides that did such as turn us upside down and splash us with water (and whose designers I imagine must be some sassy people)!   

I actually did put up a photo-essay of the visit on the evening of day that we went.  But thanks to Sandi's and Gattina's choice of themes for the Photo Hunts this week, I've got a good reason to put up other photos I took on that visit that I don't think I've put up on this blog until now! :)


Bing said...

huge sassy structures in a park! my children will love these! :D

magiceye said...

Sassy rides in the amusement Park!!

Alice Audrey said...

Great captures of the amusement park.

Mar said...

Haven't been to an amusement park in ages!! great pictures.
And: Very good visual memory YTSL! I am still sans digital cam, can't decide which one to get, so I have to rely on my archives :)

YTSL said...

Hi Bing --

Your children and you should visit Ocean Park when you come to Hong Kong then!

BTW, tried to leave comments on your Wordpress blog but fear that they were rejected! (That seems to happen at some Wordpress blogs for this Blogger user...) :(

Hi magiceye --

Sassy comment on your part! ;b

Hi Alice Audrey --


Hi Mar --

Good luck deciding which new digital camera to get.

For my part, I'm happy with my Panasonic Lumix TZ2 even though it's about 4 years old now (and I've accidentally dropped it twice... :S). Touch wood. But my experiences with it are so good that when it finally decides to retire, I probably will get another Panasonic camera to replace it.

Gattina said...

"Thrilled" rides are nothing for me not even when I was a child, lol !

Felipa said...

Hi, thank you for visit me. I´m not spanish, I´m portuguese. My english isn't very good, so I put the words in the Google tradutor :)
You are right about my picture, is a nest of a bird in the high. I call it cegonha, Google tradutor says it is a stork.

Love your pictures, I´m not sassy to go in that ride!

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, wow that roller coaster ride looks pretty sassy and wicked! :) eek
Sounds like a fun place for some good times and thrills. And it seems to been in a very pretty setting too.
Great photos and a fun take on the dual themes.

Have a great weekend.

EastCoastLife said...

Yeah... theme parks!

I am past that age where I would go wild when I see one. haha....

I am always parking myself at the nearest cafe or restaurant. :P

Sue St Clair said...

Hahaha fun and scary!!! I think I might try the log ride but the others are really scary looking :)

Sreisaat said...

I don't think I'd still be sassy after a stomach-churning roller-coaster ride! Lol.

Sreisaat Adventures

YTSL said...

Hi Gattina --

I love rollercoasters and water rides -- did so as a child, still do as an adult! :)

Hi Felipa --

See? My Spanish is so bad I have problems distinguishing it from Portuguese! ;(

Thanks for the return visit and photos apprecation. :)

Hi Trekcapri --

I'm glad you noticed Ocean Park's setting. I was wondering if anyone would comment on it... and now you have! :)

Hi EastCoastLife --

Food is good -- but so are thrill rides! Just don't combine them... ;b

Hi Sue --

I tried the rollercoasters and the log ride but I gave The Abyss a miss. I tried something like that at Genting Highlands in Malaysia and screamed myself silly on the way down! ;D

Hi Sreisaat --

Sounds like you would prefer tamer rides and attractions then... ;b

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to an amusement park in nearly 10 years.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Fun post!
That is sassy... and fun :-)
I look forward to seeing what you can spook us with next weekend.
Happy Hunting~

Ann said...

YTSL said...
Is that Omaha Beach in New Zealand? Have to say that when I hear the words "Omaha Beach", I tend to think of World War 2's D-Day! :O

Yes you are right, in NZ.
When you google, you mainly read the WW2.

Used to like the log flume, but now, too old and not sassy enough.

YTSL said...

Hi ewok1993 --

Wow, that's a long time! Guess you're not a particular fan of them then... ;b

Hi Sandi --

Thanks for visiting. Re next week: it will be a real challenge indeed to combine your "spooky" and Gattina's "on the shelf"... ;D

Hi Ann --

I guess it makes sense that those photos of yours were taken in New Zealand since that is where you live... ;)

Re the log flume: it's really fun to get splashed on hot days when you will quickly dry... ;b

fredamans said...

Lovely pics, and so much fun!

YTSL said...

Hi fredamans --

The best part of Ocean Park was realizing that the queues for the rollercoasters weren't long at all -- and, in fact, way shorter than for the ferris wheel! ;D