Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In Pear (Fairy) heaven but also exercising self-discipline at the Nagoya Funassyiland!

120cm Funassyi makes all the other 
Funassyis in the store look ever so small ;(
Funassyi's ready for Halloween!
Around two and half years ago, I walked into the Funassyiland in Harajuku, Tokyo.  Since then, I've also been to the flagship Funassyiland in Funassyi's hometown of Funabashi and also more than once to the Funassyiland in Osaka.  Now, on my most recent Japan trip, I've visited the Funassyiland in Nagoya -- and thus been to every one of the four permanent physical Funassyilands where one can pay homage to the super lovable unofficial mascot of Funabashi and come away with a variety of items bearing its likeness, that currently exist!
The smallest as well as youngest of the four permanent physical Funassyilands established by the 1,880-year-old Pear Fairy who came down to Earth six years ago to make people happy, the Nagoya Funassyiland still has quite a number of items that will appeal to fans of the hyperactive Pear whose antics get people smiling and laughing.  I managed to control myself and come away with just four items from there (including a Funassyi t-shirt with the exhortation that "You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.  Have a nice day!" along with the 2019 Funassyi desktop calendar whose proceeds, like previous years' calendars, will go to charity). 
Close to one week after my final visit to the Nagoya Funassyiland (I ended up being unable to stop myself from visiting more than once when I was in the area), I actually find myself rueing my having exercised as much self-discipline as I did and not bought more Funassyi-themed goods than I did; and this even though I ended up supplementing my Nagoya Funassyiland purchases with area-specific Funassyi charms that I found in souvenir shops in Takayama (where I spent the bulk of this recent Japan trip) and also a Funanomics 4 DVD I got at a branch of Tower Records in Nagoya!

More specifically, the more I think about it, the more I find myself pining for the Funassyi-themed Hawaiian shirt on sale at Nagoya Funassyiland and thinking perhaps I shouldn't have been so picky in terms of deciding that there could be better patterned Funassyi-themed watches and sweatshirts than the options available at the store when I visited.  And it probably is a good thing that the 90cm pajama-wearing Funassyi on sale online to those with Japanese credit cards (and/or addresses) was not on sale at the Nagoya Funassyiland.  Otherwise, I might not have been able to help myself -- and would have come back from Japan with it (and a new larger suitcase than the one I went to Japan with)! ;b

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