Thursday, September 6, 2018

A hike from the Peak down to Aberdeen with a diversity of critter spottings (Photo-essay)

It's official: the 11 amber rainstorm warnings issued last month were the most that have been issued in a single month since June 2001.  Alternatively put: this past August was very wet indeed.  And while I worried just this past spring about whether Hong Kong would be experiencing a drought in the near future, I'm now of the view that a little bit less precipitation this September actually might be welcome!

For one thing, it'd give me more opportunities to go out hiking again.  Indeed, it's been such a while since I've been out hiking that I'd even welcome an excursion that would get me sweating buckets the way I sometimes do when climbing up a lot of steps; this especially if that same hike also turned out to be a critter spotting bonanza, like the one I that took me from the Peak down to Aberdeen a while back:-

  A blue-spotted crow that's a butterfly, not a bird :b

Hill streams are in full flow at this time of the year
I have no idea what this bug is -- and until I set eyes on it,
didn't realize such a creature existed on this planet!
A section of trail that's not difficult but which I still would 
hesitate to go on by myself, thanks to my having a fear of heights
and the trail being both high up and close to the edge :S
View from the trail of high-rise-filled Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau,
and part of the body of water in between

The warning sign makes this trail sound 
quite a bit more difficult than it actually is!
Fish in the catchwater my hiking companion and I
walked along for part of the way!
My last critter spotting of the hike -- yes, it's a wild boar!


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Agreed. That section of the Island Trail is not particularly difficult. But the steps may be slippery after heavy rainfall and the vertigo feeling complicate things at time. The view's worth the legwork though.

BTW, was the bridge wet when you cross it last time? That stream\waterfall should be quite a sight after heavy rain.


YTSL said...

Hi T --

You're right: I most certainly would not think to go on that section of the Hong Kong Trail in bad weather or even the day after a heavy rainfall. Re the hill stream nearby: it was flowing but not so much as to make the bridge wet -- thank goodness!