Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flags (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

Before I came to Hong Kong, I had never heard of the sea deity known as Tam Kung. Since moving here though, I have to say his birthday parade through the streets of Shau Kei Wan and that involving the Tai Hang fire dragon dance have become two of my very favorite festive occasions. And while it's true enough that the main attractions of the Tam Kung Birthday Parade are dancing dragons, lions and unicorns, the large flags that get carried as part of the procession do make for a colorful sight too.

Still, when push comes to shove, what makes those two festivals so fun for someone like me is that one can feel like one gets to be in the thick of things through the fact that -- as hopefully can be seen in the upper photo in this week's Photo Hunt entry -- one can end up pretty much in the same space as the parade participants! Alternatively put, it all can really feel like quite the interactive and inclusive as well as far from generic tourist experience. ;b


sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

Wonderful photos of flags. I like the triangluar shaped edges to the flags. The edges add more movement to the flags as people carry them along.

And what a fun as the spectators do seem to be part of the parade. So colorful.

lissa said...

I also like those dragon displays and the colorful flags, it looks like fun just being around them

jams o donnell said...

Great shots. That is such a wonderful display of flags! Happy weekend

candi said...

I love your photos, and very nice take on the theme.

Happy weekend.

Photo Cache said...

Beautiful and colorful flags. Great post.

jmb said...

Those are really great flag photos YTSL. I think an interactive parade sounds like fun.
Happy weekend to you.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Part of the fun of being a photographer at the parade: often, the participants -- and friends -- are themselves busily clicking away. :)

Hi Lissa --

It is indeed a lot of fun. Like I wrote: one of my favorite festivals in Hong Kong! :)

Hi jams --

Thanks, and happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi Candi --

Thanks, and happy weekend to you too! :)

Hi Photo Cache --

Glad you liked what you saw here! :)

Hi JMB --

Thanks. And if you want truly interactive: come for the Fire Dragon -- at times, it can feel like it's chasing you down the street rather than you chasing it! :D

Leslie said...

I always learn a lot from your great PhotoHunt posts. :)

Have a good weekend. :)

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Those are wonderful!

Randi said...

This is a wonderful and interesting post. I love to visit your blog - I always learn something new about one of my favorite cities. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. No I don´t live IN this village. I need more space...*smile*, but I live close to it.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

eastcoastlife said...

Flags are used in most Chinese festivals. I want to watch this if I have the chnace.

LifeRamblings said...

it's always interesting to see colourful flags in celebration of significant festivals.

Liz Hinds said...

A great parade with very colourful flags! Must have been great to be there.

YTSL said...

Hi Leslie --

Am glad you feel that way about my Photo Hunt entries! :)

Hi Anneke --

Thanks! :)

Hi Randi --

Please let me know should you ever come over to Hong Kong to visit and I'm still here. I think it'd might be fun to go collecting photos for future Photo Hunt entries together! :)

Hi East Coast Life --

Flags seem to be a staple of many festivals, not just Chinese ones... ;b

Hi Life Ramblings --

Agreed! :)

Hi Liz --

It was great -- so much so that I've been to that parade two years running now! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

So bright, beautiful and lovely colors!!

Mine flag is posted. Stop by, won't you?

Annie said...

Love these colorful flags! I also love the idea of a celebration to honor a sea deity. :)

Bengbeng said...

hey, u have chingay over there too!

Carver said...

I love these shots of the parade. Very colorful and festive. Happy Weekend.

Sue said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! Especially the part about being able to mingle in with the parade participants. Thanks so much for the visit :) Happy photo hunting, and happy weekend :)

JC said...

I've only seen these parades in movies... that's how the good or bad guys escape, by mingling with the parade ;-)

Gattina said...

These are very nice flags, so colorful !

YTSL said...

Hi Hootin' Anni --

Thanks -- and yeah, I did go and stop by over at your place! :)

Hi Annie --

Re sea deity celebrations: there's another one in Hong Kong -- for Tin Hau, goddess of the sea. One of the major events on her birthday involves ships sailing to a temple of hers that's by the sea in Sai Kung. Would love to check it out some time but just my luck that her birthdays have fallen on working days the past two years I've been here!

Hi Bengbeng --

No, not really... as the folks here in Hong Kong don't balance their flags on shoulders, etc. the way that the Chingay parade folks do in Penang!

Hi Carver --

Glad you like them -- and happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi Sue --

It *is* a lot of fun. Really! :)

Hi JC --

Teeheehee re your comments! And yeah, those parades would be great movie moments -- and, in fact, the Fire Dragon parade's appeared in one movie already (Lawrence Lau's "Ballistic" (2008))! :b

Hi Gattina --

I agree! :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

The Asian nations are admired for their beautiful flag colors! Nice photos!
I also did Photo Hunters (finally). I hope you can visit.

Have a happy weekend!
Mrs. Mecomber

Tara R. said...

Such beautifully decorated flags. The bold, rich colors are stunning.

Unknown said...

love the colors...very festive photos. have a great weekend!

srp said...

This looks like orderly chaos... but sometimes that is great... and the colors here are magnificent. My flags are here.

YTSL said...

Hi Mrs Mecomber --

Interesting: Didn't realize Asian nations were admired for their beautiful flag colors! :b

Hi Tara R. --

The funny thing is that during that parade, those flags really were out-shone ("colored"?) by the dancing dragons, lions and unicorns! But when viewed in isolation, agree that they really are pretty cool and colorful... :)

Hi Luna Miranda --

Very festive -- period -- I reckon! ;b

Hi SRP --

Like your "orderly chaos" conclusion: yeah, I think we can safely say that was the case that day! :D

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Yes, Ytsl,

Those flags were not flags of any country.

They remind me of the lion and dargon dancers when they went about in the trucks in Singapore. They had lots of such flags all over the field.

Your flags remind me of my flags. Thansk for visiting.

YTSL said...

Hi Ann --

Guess both of us forewent the patriotic route for the festive one with regards to our flag entries! And thank you for the return visit. :)

Dragonstar said...

I love all these colours and shapes - the brightest flags I've seen!

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Actually, the Buddhist flag's brighter -- or, at least, more colorful. But, yeah, I do reckon that taken together, those flags do make a pretty sight! :)