Friday, May 30, 2008

latest bc magazine linkorama

The very personable director
The Pye Dog and The Moss

My apologies for being late with regards to the latest bc magazine linkorama but I only returned from a (way too short but nonetheless wonderful) holiday in Japan yesterday. And yes, you can expect several Japan-themed photo-essays in the not too distant future. But in the meantime, here are heads up and links to the following articles:-

i) Juggling Jerome -- The Compagnie Jerome Thomas' juggling Rain/Bow show;

ii) Moss Appeal -- Derek Kwok talks about his sophomore directorial offering;

iii) Baroque Joy -- Baroque dance choreographer Beatrice Massin talks about her Let My Joy Remain and general love of music (*And it's Bach in the hard copy, don't know how it became Back in the online version of this piece!);

iv) The Editor's Diary for May 29 to June 11;

v) Review of Thai film, Ghost of Mae Nak; and

vi) Review of Derek Kwok's The Moss.

Enjoy? Hope so! :)


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out your links when I have a chance. (I'm actually working now, so shouldn't take a long break.)

I look forward to seeing stuff about your Japan trip! I'm glad you took a little holiday.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna (Collecting Tokens) --

Please do check out my links sometime. And yeah, it was good to take a little holiday. I really needed it. Just wish that I was in better shape when doing so.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Glad you're back, and well?

So the interview with Derek Kwok made me think I'd been too hard on The Pye-Dog -- maybe knowing the locales involved in his films would make them more resonant? That would limit their audience, I guess, wouldn't it?

So Mae Nak just now came out over there? It has been on DVD from Tartan over here already but, as you probably read on Kaiju Shakedown, Tartan USA went out of business which is sad as they distributed a few good things in the US apart from too many J-horror and K-horror titles. I *think* the UK Tartan is still up and running.

But, I digress, as usual, LOL!

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

I have to confess that I've yet to view "The Pye-Dog" but know a couple of Hong Kong-based folks who weren't too enamored of it -- at least one of whom (Paul Fonoroff) had a more positive reaction to "The Moss".

At the same time, will say that there are quite a few Hong Kong movies which I've enjoyed more because of being familiar with the locales and even while that seems limiting, it goes to show how it is that, for all of the industry's much vaunted commercialism, a lot of Hong Kong filmmakers really don't seem to realize that they have an audience beyond Hong Kong.

As for "Mae Nak": Yeah, really was surprised how long it took to come over and, also, that it came over here at all! And yeah, have read about Tartan USA. Seems like Asian cinema isn't really 'hot' anymore as far as (general) American audiences are concerned... :S