Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Northeast Hong Kong hike, Part I (photo-essay)

Like I detailed in an earlier blog entry,
I went on a hike on the first day of Chinese New Year 2008. Two days later, I followed this up with another longer hike to a more remote part of Hong Kong. As I trust that you'll agree after viewing this photo-essay, this hike also went through a much more beautiful part of the territory. Indeed, as one of my hiking companions (who appears to rather regularly checks out this blog) and I decided even before we reached the half-way point of this hike that took us from Wu Kau Tang eastwards to Sam A Chung, then up north a bit to Sam A Tsuen then back west -- but along a different route -- almost all the way back to Wu Kau Tang and then finally to the Mirror Pool and legendary Bride's Pool, I would have pictures for at least three photo-essays! ;b

So, without further ado, here's the first of -- yes, really -- what should be the first of three photo-essays of this hike in northeast Hong Kong that definitely ranks among the top two that I've thus far gone on in Hong Kong in terms of scenic views afforded, other interesting sights and pure enjoyment:-

A body of still, clear water
near the hike's starting point

...and a shrine near that body of water

The first of more than one quaint looking village,
many of them abandoned, that my hike companions
and I passed by over the course of the hike

...and another --
this one completely abandoned

Amazingly, many of these abandoned dwellings
still contain many furnishings
and what some would consider
precious personal items like old photographs

An overgrown as well as abandoned old playground
near one of the abandoned villages
that looked like it'd make a good set for a ghost movie!

Still, lest you got to wondering whether
this hike would take in some views
of nature
as well as old dwellings... ;b

Ending (for now) on an even greener note! ;b


Unknown said...

These are stunning photos and a great narrative. I'm going to Hong Kong for my first time this October and would love to take this same hike. Where's the trail head/best way to get there from downtown Hong Kong? Thanks in advance!

Michael Hansen

YTSL said...

Hi Michael --

Thanks, and you just reminded me that I had meant to put up more photos from that hike!

The best way to get to its starting point from downtown Hong Kong is to take the MTR up to Tai Po Market station, then take bus 275R (N.B. It operates on Sundays and public holidays only) to the Bride's Pool Terminal and walk along the road or Bride Pool's Nature Trail (which we actually did as the end addendum to our hike) to Wu Kau Tang.

Another option is to take the 20C green minibus from Tai Po Market (like my friends and I did). But I'd only recommend that you do this if you have a Cantonese speaker in your group and minibus drivers don't tend to be fluent in English.