Sunday, December 24, 2017

Enjoying the Cape Winelands despite not being all that partial to wine! (Photo-essay)

As regular visitors to this blog know, I've been known to imbibe an alcoholic drink or two (or more!).  Indeed, I have to admit to wondering and worrying every once in a while if I have alcoholic tendencies.  However, a friend of mine who should know about this kind of stuff (since he started drinking at a young age and actually decided to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the age of 21) has assured me that this is not the case.  

After all, as he pointed out, I am able to stop after just one drink on more than one occasion.  Also, I actually taste my alcohol -- and actually dislike the taste of certain alcoholic beverages even while liking certain others very much.  And while I do love certain beers  and Japanese sake (aka nihonshu) very much, I reckon that wine is something I can take or leave for the most part.  

All this despite the efforts of such as a local South African wine conoisseur, who took me to five different wineries and got me to try more than 20 different wines over the course of just two days when I was in that major wine-producing country!  On the other hand, I did enjoy our drives around Cape Town's Constantia Valley and the Stellenbosh Winelands in our pursuit of fine wines.  And it's also true that many of the wineries that we visited are pretty enjoyably scenic in and of themselves, with the kind of surroundings that gets one thinking that nature and culture really can combine to produce something (visually) wonderful... ;b

The views at Constantia Glen really were ones to savor
(even if the wines didn't excite me so much)

Puppet Ponyo deemed this a pose-worthy location :)
The bar area at Steenberg Vineyards was 
aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hang out at

And the views to be had there had one thinking
that this was/is what luxurious living was about!

Scenic view from the super bling Delaire Graff Estate

 Art and greenery abound in its expansive grounds

 Winelands abound at Tokara Wine Estate!

On the right occasion, and with the right company,
this could all seem close to paradisiacal... ;b

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