Sunday, November 26, 2017

Interesting critters (including those of the human variety!) spotted while out hiking in Hong Kong (Photo-essay)

Unlike many a Sundays when I'm here in the Big Lychee, I didn't go out hiking today.  Instead, I actually ended up sleeping a good part of the afternoon away as it turns out that yesterday's beach clean-up on Cheung Chau -- and the associated hikes to and out of Tung Wan Tsai (Coral Beach) -- took more out of me than I realized was the case!

So here's going back into my photo archive to share images from a couple of hikes that I went on some time back: one up in the northern New Territories; and another down in the southeastern section of Hong Kong Island.  Since both involved going along trails I'd been on more than once before, I focused less on taking landscape shots and more on a variety of interesting critters I encountered along the way -- and yes, I include some of my fellow humans in the latter category! ;b

I often see bees and wasps getting attracted to flowers 
but less so ants like the solitary red one in the above picture...
In recent years, the monkeys -- that actually are not native to 
Hong Kong! -- have extended their considerable range to Tai Po Kau
A rare toad spotting in Hong Kong for me!  
Hairy caterpillar on a thin tree branch on Tai Tau Chau
 In the nearby waters, I spotted a swimmer complete with snorkel and 
wet suit that got me initially mistaking him for a dolphin or porpoise!
 Further out at sea, sailing enthusiasts 
took advantage of the blowing breeze
 That same afternoon appeared to be an ideal time for 
rock climbing as far as a number of folks were concerned!
And even though the waves were far from big over at Big Wave Bay,
there still were surfers out in the water under the lifeguard's gaze ;b

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