Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photographs for a wedding

A couple pose for wedding pics in the High Island section
 Another couple in the midst of being captured by a 
photographer's camera -- this time at Nam Sang Wai
Instead of going hiking earlier today like I usually do on Sundays, I went to a friend's wedding this afternoon.  Considering my shutterbug propensities, it may surprise some people to find out that I actually didn't bring my camera with me to the event -- not least because it would be against my general blog policy to put up pics of a private event involving friends or family.
At the same time though, while I definitely would not think to gatecrash strangers' weddings to take photos, it's also true enough that I reckon that couples posing for wedding photos in public spaces -- including Hong Kong's geoparks and country parks! --  are fair photographic game.  All in all, I must admit to being fascinated as well as amused as to where people will go -- and what some of them will do -- to get interesting wedding photos.
Put another way: I no longer am all that surprised any more to come across a couple in formal wedding garb posing for pictures in out of the way parts of Hong Kong.  And I now realize that some couples are willing to do things like lie down on the water's edge at a beach in order to have some unusual photos to celebrate their impending marriage! ;b


Goodbye HK, Hello YVR said...

HI YTSL! Yes was very shocked there was no camera on you! Anyway the ironic thing about these interesting spots for wedding pictures is that the photographers take the same shots in the same places! So while it might seem different, every other couple has pictures from similar angles...

YTSL said...

Hi The Fragrant Harbour --

I did think of bringing a camera -- but more to take photos of the wedding venue than the wedding itself. In the end, a camera felt too bulky for me to bring along though.

Re those wedding picture spots: I'd think that re Nam Sang Wai but High Island's on the far side to go all the way to take wedding photos, so wouldn't be surprised if it's not that super popular a place for that!