Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue skies over Tung Lung Chau (Photo-essay)

The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival has begun -- and I did view a film tonight.  But I need sometime to mull over my thoughts before posting on the world premiering Aberdeen. So, instead, here's looking back to my second visit to Tung Lung Chau (with photo-essays of the first being viewable here and here).

On my first visit (undertaken with Roz's hiking group), it had drizzled on the kaido trip from Sai Wan Ho to Tung Lung Chau.  This second time around, we had much clearer and brighter skies -- and temperatures that were much higher than one'd expect to have on a September day.  Visually, the results were often quite stunning -- and especially earlier in the day, I definitely did get better photos on this trip than the previous one...

On one of the few kilometers of paved trail that exists 
on the island off the tip of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula

Looking westwards to the far away and far more 
built-up areas of Hong Kong
 Let the record show that the previous photo was taken 
from the top of the hill in this photo ;b
 A view of the interior of what remains of the Kangxi era 
Tung Lung Fort on the northeastern tip of the island

Many of the stones of the fort's impressively 
thick walls are now coated with moss

Even this formerly aspiring archaeologist reckons that 
Tung Lung Chau's natural attributes are quite a bit 
more impressive than its man-made structures!

Rather than see the trees as ruining the view, I take 
the perspective that they help make for a pretty picture :)
While the warning at the top is good to have, 
the one at the bottom seems like it should unnecessary
To be continued...!


peppylady (Dora) said...

Looks like a nice day for a hike.
Nice here also.

Coffee is on

alejna said...

Beautiful photos! The bright skies and warmth seem especially appealing to me, given that we have a forecast for a snowstorm coming here…

I also agree that the trees add to the composition of the photo! I do love trees.

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

It was nice in terms of the visuals but re the heat... well, that's a story for another day (hopefully early next week)! ;b

Hi Alejna --

A snowstorm in late March in Massachusetts? Oh my! :O

Samson said...

Lovely pictures! : ) By the way, any plans to cover this year's HKIFF like you have done in previous years?

YTSL said...

Hi Samson --

The HKIFF coverage began... in the entry above this one! ;b