Monday, January 14, 2013

Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail, with a detour up to Hsien Ku Fung (Photo-essay)

On one of my first hikes in Hong Kong, I caught sight of The Twins over on Hong Kong Island and vowed that one day, I'd climb them. I did not have a similar reaction when I first caught sight of Pat Sin Leng (AKA the Ridge of the Eight Immortals). Instead, my reaction was more along the lines of "Hell, no!"

On the other hand, I've not been adverse to going along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail that's located inside Pat Sin Leng Country Park but doesn't actually involve a climb up the eight peaked ridge that the trail and country park are named after. In fact, I've been on it twice thus far. 

The first time was on a misty, humid but nonetheless non-rainy day a few years back (see here and here). The second time was on a cooler, less humid day with different hiking buddies.  And instead of just going along the nature trail, we decided to detour up to 511 meter high Hsien Ku Fung, Pat Sin Leng's eastern-most peak and the only one named after a female deity, before going back "on track" again...

 A view of the peak that we'd be climbing up 
from near the hike's starting point

 Just a few of the many, many steps 
that one needs to climb up to get to the top
of Hsien Ku Fung

Concrete proof that we did indeed make it
up to that particular summit! :)

 Two other signs warn against trying to get too close
to that particular edge of the peak

Some people hear the siren call of the other hills
that make up Pat Sin Leng

...but my hiking buddies and I elected to head back
down Hsien Ku Fung to continue our trek
along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail

Pretty scenery abounded along this hike

Adding to the attraction of this particular hike
is how bereft of people and quiet this trail can be :)

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