Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Central and southern Cheung Chau hike sights (Photo-essay)

One fall day some time back, two friends and I spent a day hiking around Cheung Chau.  We started off by heading up from the ferry pier to the northen section of the dumbbell shaped island.  Then, moving clockwise, we tramped down to and through the central, built up part of Cheung Chau, down to its southeast before heading over to the southwest and then back up again to near the hike start -- where we rewarded ourselves with a delicious and filling dinner.

And yes, there are those for whom a traipse around Cheung Chau doesn't quite qualify as a hike -- and I can see their point of view re this.  At the same time, I will say that the round island trek was quite the exercise -- not least since upon my return to my apartment, my pedometer told me that I had taken more than 30,000 steps that day! :O

The trail we followed took us past Cheung Chau's historic
Pak Tai Temple -- in front of which Shawn Yue and
Anthony Wong Chau San dueled in Just One Look :b

Another photogenic traditional structure 
located in the central section of Cheung Chau

A windsurfer making like the island's most famous daughter,
Olympic gold medallist Lee Lai San

A view from the southeast of the eastern side of Cheung Chau

A view of Vase Rock, one of many southeastern Cheung Chau
rock formations that have been given fanciful names
Southeastern Cheung Chau is rocky -- and also has many
scenic spots where one is tempted to linger and look out to sea

Shortly after passing by the Reclining Rock
we came across this danger sign

Rather than backtrack along quite a distance, we opted to 
scramble along the rocks -- and yes, that included the section 
that was underwater in the foreground of this photo...! ;S


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

In the 4th photo down there are 2 roped off swimming areas. Between them on the shoreline is what looks like a round cement thing. Is that a boat launch or helicopter landing spot? Love the pink floating dock.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Thanks for commenting on this blog post which I was hoping would get more comments! (Personally, I love the picture of the Pak Tai temple and the blue sky! ;b)

That round cement thing is a helicopter landing spot. Cheung Chau doesn't have a hospital, so that's where the emergency helicopter goes and picks up patients.

baroness radon said...

I love Cheung Chau. Thanks for the memories.

YTSL said...

Hi baroness radon --

You're welcome. :)