Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A by-the-numbers look at my 2012 movie viewing year

One of a number of film crews out filming
in Hong Kong in 2012

Partial view of the exhibition on one of my favorite filmmakers 
-- two of whose films I viewed in 2012 --  held as part of 
last year's Hong Kong International Film Festival

For those who enjoyed checking out my previous by-the-numbers looks at past movie viewing years -- that began with one for 2006 and has continued with equivalent posts for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 available to check out (including by way of clicking on the provided links), here's confirming that I am happy to present the seventh edition of the series... :)

1 - The number of movies starring Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia that I viewed in 2012 (For the record, this was 1983's All the Wrong Spies -- and yes, it was on a big screen!)

1 too -- The number of movie screenings I attended at which the same Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia also was present!

3 -- The number of 3-D movies I viewed last year (N.B. This doesn't include the films that had 3-D options which I opted to view in 2-D)

4 -- The number of films I viewed for the first time in 2012 that I viewed on home video

5 -- The number of movies I viewed at preview screenings in 2012 that will open in Hong Kong cinemas in 2013

5 also -- The number of black and white films I viewed last year

5 as well -- The number of films directed by King Hu that I viewed at the Hong Kong Film Archive in 2012 (i.e., The Valiant Ones, Dragon Inn, The Fate of Lee Khan, Raining in the Mountain and The Juvenizer), thanks in large part to its Zen and Sense in King Hu's Films special program

7 -- The number of documentary films I viewed in 2012

8 -- The number of animated movies I viewed last year

15 -- The number of different territories whose films I viewed last year (And for the record, they are: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA) 

16 -- The number of movies I viewed at the 2012 Hong Kong International Film Festival

17 -- The number of Japanese films I viewed in 2012

18 -- The number of movies from the USA that I viewed last year

22 -- The number of 2012 Hong Kong films that I viewed in 2012

28 -- The number of films I saw for the first time in 2012 that I'd rate as an 8.5 (or higher) on the scale (With these being: 13 Assassins (Japan, 2010), A Face in the Crowd (USA, 1957), A Letter to Momo (Japan, 2011), A Separation (Iran, 2011), Argo (USA, 2012), Brave (USA, 2012), Celeste & Jesse Forever (USA, 2012), Cops and Robbers (Hong Kong, 1979), Deadfall (USA, 2012), Duch, Master of the Forges of Hell (France-Cambodia, 2011), Facing Mirrors (Iran, 2011), Floating City (Hong Kong, 2012), Go! Boys' School Drama Club (Japan, 2011), Here's to the Young Lady (Japan, 1949), Jiro Dreams of Sushi (USA, 2011), Les Miserables (Britain, 2012), Life of Pi (USA, 2012), McDull: The Pork of Music (Hong Kong, 2012), Network (USA, 1976), Our Homeland (Japan, 2012), Sunny (South Korea, 2011), The Artist (France-Belgium-USA, 2011), The Descendants (USA, 2011), The Guillotines (Hong Kong, 2012), The Muppets (USA, 2011), The Raid: Redemption (Indonesia, 2011), Therma Romae (Japan, 2012), and Though I Am Gone (Mainland China, 2006))

32 -- The number of Hong Kong movies I viewed for the first time last year

72 -- The number of movies from elsewhere other than Hong Kong that I viewed in 2012

104 -- The number of full length feature films that I viewed for the first time last year

1946 -- The year that Germany's Murderers Among Us, the oldest film I viewed last year, was first released

1957 -- The year that The Sorrowful Lute (AKA The Pipa's Lament), the oldest Hong Kong movie I viewed in 2012, was first released


baroness radon said...

I envy that King Hu event...I have never seen The Fate of Lee Khan. Do I have to come to HK to do that?

Happy New Year, YTSL!

YTSL said...

Hi Baroness Radon --

Actually, the first time I viewed "The Fate of Lee Khan" was at The Screening Room in New York. (This re-watch at the HK Film Archive was a darn sight better experience though -- with a more respectful audience and a larger screen. :b)

John Charles said...

What did you think of THE GUILLOTINES and how did it do in HK? From what I gather, these big period films seem to do little local business these days.

YTSL said...

Hi John --

I refer you to a late December post re my thoughts re The Guillotines:-

Re how it's doing in Hong Kong: not too well -- but less so because it's a big period film than because of complaints that there's not enough action in it. (It also doesn't help that it's in Putonghua rather than Cantonese...)

Ho said...

wow, on average 2 moves a week. been such a long time since i last did that :p ho.

YTSL said...

Hi Ho --

Actually... the average the past few months has been more like 4 movies a week... and yes, I do find it somewhat excessive... but ah well re how it goes! ;b