Sunday, January 20, 2013

Along Po Toi's Rugged Trail

On my previous visit to Po Toi, the steps in this photo
were not visible to view due to the path being overgrown!

This time around, my hiking buddy and I had few problems
spotting the trail -- and the metal poles and signs that 
were placed along every 100 meters or so of it

And how glad we were to be able to follow this 
officially designated "Rugged Trail" as it offered up 
splendid views like this one :)

It did not, however, include a trek along the rocky island's Route No. 3 (Rugged Trail) because although we saw a sign pointing to it at one stage during our hike, we had problems making out the trail because its path was so overgrown that day. So imagine my surprise when my current hiking buddy and I reached that same point during our hike earlier today to find that we could easily see the path -- and even steps along it -- in that previously overgrown spot!

Maybe some trail maintenance work has been done between my first and second visits to Po Toi.  Or maybe it's a case of vegetation being way thicker on the ground in winter versus early fall. In any case, I welcomed the opportunity to try out a different hiking route and so off along the Rugged Trail my hiking buddy and I promptly went!

Prior to embarking on the Rugged Trail, I did know beforehand that it'd end up near the island's Tin Hau temple.  But little did I realize how nice a trek it would be along this trail.
For one thing, it did lead us to some scenic spots from where we got great views of the southwestern section of Po Toi and the surrounding area. 

For another, unlike the paved trail further south that led up to a lighthouse and along which one passed by turtle, monk's and Buddha's palm rocks, it was not crawling with other trampers this afternoon.  In fact, from when we veered onto the Rugged Trail all the way until we got to the Tin Hau temple, we didn't see even one other person -- and when one is seeking quiet as well as scenic beauty when out hiking, that really was a wonderful thing indeed! :)


Goodbye HK, Hello YVR said...

Nice view from the third pic! You definitely need the railing in that area!

YTSL said...

Hi "The Fragrant Harbour" --

Yup re the view and also needing the railing in that area. The funny thing with that trail is sometimes the railings were also useful as markers for where the trail actually was -- it was that rugged! ;b

Emilie said...

I like that 'rugged trail' except that there are no trees for shade!

YTSL said...

Hi Emilie --

So you've been on the "Rugged Trail" too? And yes, you're right re it not having much shade. Just make sure you wear a hat and have sunscreen on when going on it! :b

Horsoon said...

Splendid views indeed. This is like a gem for hikers and photographers alike. Wish you had more photos posted ;)

YTSL said...

Hi Horsoon --

Wait a bit and you'll see more photos from the hike. Before then, hope you enjoy my photos from other hikes too! :)