Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hike's end at Chek Keng (Photo-essay)

Last week, I wrote about what I saw on a hike one hot summer day.  On that day, the hike destination was Chek Keng -- a Hakka village established some 200 years ago may now be largely -- but not completely -- abandoned but also is home to a youth hostel and a pier that is regularly visited by kaito.  

More than incidentally, the kaito ferry ride from Chek Keng to Wong Shek Pier may well be one of my favorite things ever!  And because of that, I really have been known to plan Sunday excursions in such a way that they end with that very pleasurable kaito ride back to Wong Shek Pier -- where a bus awaits to take us back to "civilisation" (or, at the very least, Sai Kung town where many nice restaurants await... ;b) 

Chek Keng village is home to some picturesque buildings
-- some of which are better maintained than might be 
expected of such an isolated locale

 I find the roofs and angles of these buildings interesting

For the most part, this area is one where 
fauna and water predominate 

Often, it seems like nature wants to reclaim even
those areas that used to be marked out for human habitation

Some people are in such a hurry to leave Chek Keng
that they prefer to hail a passing sampan 
rather than wait for the scheduled kaito

My hiking companion and I, on the other hand,
were perfectly content to leisurely enjoy taking in
beautiful scenery such as this

Admittedly, there wasn't much shade on offer at the pier

...but we really didn't have to wait too long
before a kaito appeared that we could hop aboard 
to take us on my favorite ferry ride in Hong Kong :)


baroness radon said...

Love the overgrown houses.

YTSL said...

Hi baroness radon --

Am glad you like that sight/photo. :)

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Chek Keng looks like a fun and interesting place with the older buildings and.....the kaito ferry ride looks like a lot of fun too.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Yes re Chek Keng and the kaito ferry ride between Chek Keng and Wong Shek Pier. Recommended for you to check out on your next visit to Hong Kong! :)