Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Siu Ma Shan up to Mount Butler (photo-essay)

Returning to regular programming after the typhoon interruption: here's continuing documenting via photo-essay the hot summer's day excursion that took my hiking companion and I on a circular route from Mount Parker Road up to Siu Ma Shan and then to neighboring Mount Butler (which the Hong Kong Survey and Mapping Office Lands Department's Hong Kong Island & Neighbouring Islands map has as being 417 meters high but Wikipedia has as being 436 meters high) -- where cool scenic views are to be had -- before descending down Hong Kong Island's Jacob's Ladder to Quarry Gap and back down to Quarry Bay via Mount Parker Road:-

Great harbor and urbanscape views to be had 
from a hillside deep inside a neighboring country park

 Looking westwards to Causeway Bay, Wan Chai,
Central, The Peak and beyond

Yes, Hong Kong does have beautiful blue skies
-- particularly on hot summer days! :)

Next up along this hike: the peak on the left -- Mount Butler

Along the way, one can't help but pause to drink in
scenic views like this one looking southeastwards
to Tai Tam Bay, the Redhill Peninsula and beyond

The trigonometrical station and wooden sign that lets you know
that you are indeed up on the top of Mount Butler :)

 A Mount Butler vista that includes views of 

 And yes, this is indeed the kind of spot where one is tempted
to linger for a while to admire the views and more... :)

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