Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Along Stage 3 of the Wilson Trail (Photo-essay)

Last week, my previous photo-essay about my hike along Stage 3 of the Wilson Trail ended with photos at the redoubt atop Devil's Peak. Although for some people that might seem to represent the high point of the hike, the truth of the matter was there more cool stuff actually lay ahead -- including a few more peaks... some of which were more challenging than others to go up and also down -- and yes, it really is true that I often find it easier to go up than down...! ;b

The superstitious might do well to avoid this trail
because it really does pass very close to this giant cemetery!

Upon descending from the redoubt at Devil's Peak,
it was with some relief that one finds that
Wilson Trail
Stage 3 does not go up to the summit
of neighboring
Black Hill, just around it!

On Tseung Kwan O Road, my regular hiking companion
and I gleefully witnessed life imitating road sign! ;b

More proof (if needed) that the city
really wasn't that far away!

Of course being close to the city doesn't mean
that this trail would be a breeze!

Indeed, I found this to actually be a challenging hike
with more than one peak to ascend (and descend)!

Often times, when on a hike with many ups (and downs),
I tell myself that the views are what makes it all worth it...

There also is a sense of accomplishment from being
up "there" looking down at the scene down below... :)

To be continued! :b


Emilie said...

Well-captured picture of the parent and child with the road sign! This trail is not far from me, but I've only done a bit. Must try it out.

Horsoon said...

Great pictures! Love the cheeky road sign shot; and the city sky scrapers with the V-valley's my fav too :)

YTSL said...

Hi Emilie --

Glad you like the parent and child with road sign photo. Wilson Trail Stage 3 is pretty interesting. Come back next week to see photos of more interesting bits of it!

Also, thanks for linking to my blog. I've got your blog on my blogroll now too. Hope this won't make you stop visiting and commenting! ;b

Hi Horsoon --

Glad you like this photo-essay. I actually like the photos of the trails up the hills best -- because I look at them with a real sense of achievement at having gone on them. :)