Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tai Tan Country Trail hike (Photo essay III)

Aaaah... around this time of the year, the Hong Kong air becomes cooler, less humid and a whole lot pleasant -- which gets me thinking that soon, it'll be optimal hiking weather! And it really was a beautiful day back in December last year when two friends and I went hiking along the 6.7 kilometer Tai Tan Country Trail that's yielded two photo-essays already (see I and II).

But for all of it being a very pleasant and highly recommended hike (especially as a half day jaunt during less humid and cooler time of the Hong Kong year), I have resolved that this will be the final as well as third photo-essay covering that Sai Kung West Country Park excursion. For photographs of quite a few more hikes I've gone on since still await!

Are those brown bits seed pods?
All I know that they're cool looking and/but
are neither flowers nor butterflies! ;S

Is it just me or does this set of rocks
bring to mind
something ape-like to you too?

And is that an ancient great hound
behind that there bush???

The shadows may have been long but,
there was still plenty of daylight
left at this
point in the hike

Visual proof that not all Hong Kong walking paths
are concreted or have been visited by the railing police

Looking down to the coastal landscape below
from higher ground
on the hike that takes one
from sea-level up to over 100 meters

Are these golden-rods? Regardless of their name,
there's no question that these yellow wild flowers
add a nice touch of color to their surroundings

Near hike's end lies picturesque Hoi Ha Wan
(which gave its name -- and is part of --
Hoi Ha Marine Park) -- one of those places
that invites lingering at... :)


Lew said...

It's nice to see there is some nature in Hong Kong! My impression from photos and movies is tall buildings. As for my shot of the P-51, I was on the ground. The plane had just taken off and was circling to catch up with the B-17 on their way to the next airport.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I thought they were saga seed pods.

YTSL said...

Hi Lew --

For more pics of nature in Hong Kong, check out other parts of my blog -- for yes, there really is indeed plenty.

And woah, actually thought you were in the air as well when you took that photo of the P-51. In any case, great photo! :)

Hi Ann --

Do you mean the first photo? Hmmm... googled and it doesn't look like it. Do you have an image that looks similar to the photo whose URL you could share?

Maya said...

We have had to postpone a visit to Hong Kong, but we hope to hit the trails in the area soon. Of course your writing will be a great help in our planning.

YTSL said...

Hi Maya --

Sorry to hear about the postponement -- just bear in mind that autumn has come to Hong Kong... which means: nice hiking weather! So hope you won't postpone your visit for too long...