Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictures from another Aberdeen Country Park hike (Photo-essay)

As the first post-Hong Kong International Film Festival weekend (one that -- touch wood -- the weather forecasters currently predict will be without rain on Sunday) looms, my thoughts have turned once more to hiking. So rather than continue with my HKIFF reviewing at least tonight, I'm going to go ahead and put up another set of hiking photos from several months ago -- taken just one week after the previous hike (whose photo-essay I put up here):-

Early on in our hike, my companion and I caught sight
of this unusual botanic arrangement

Not what you'd expect to see
out in the wild
or a country park

...but this pillbox that I'm thinking dates back to
the Second World War is a reminder that
sections of
what is now country park land in Hong Kong
where troops marched through and battles were waged

The kind of scenery one expects more to see
in a country park -- even one which actually
is not all that far away from civilization

Small waterfalls along the path
of a hill stream that flows down
one of the Aberdeen Reservoirs

Another rusting metal door spotted

Another World War II-era structure --
this one in
not as good condition as the one
we came across
earlier on this same hike

My hiking companion likes to take photos of bugs
and I of flowers -- so this scene satisfied the both of us! ;)

To be continued... but of course! ;b


Anonymous said...

Wow... that's a crazy plant! Looks like some kind of succulent. Have you been able to identify it yet?

And those WWII structures are pretty evocative.

Maya said...

I always find it interesting to go on hikes that combine nature and history. Looks like this trail has some interesting examples of both.

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Another alien life form in the guise of a weird plant form??!!

Are the boulders in the bottom of the fourth photo down from the top part of the trail?

The WWII remains are cool too.

This is one of my favorite and to me more intersting of your posted hikes as I like the dense looking green vegetation, the relics left by humans and the close (I think) proximity to urban life.

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Alas, I haven't been able to ID that plant. Am hoping someone comes across my photo and can be of help.

And yes, indeedy, re those WWII structures...

Hi Maya --

I like hikes where I see many interesting things -- be they cultural or natural, or both. :)

Hi sbk --

Heheheh re your first comment.

Re your query: they may have been... but from a long time ago.

And re this hike in general: many things to see and so easy to get to! :)