Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aberdeen Country Park hike redux (Photo-essay II)

And so it goes... in this case, here's a second photo-essay of the second hike in as many weeks that I went on in Aberdeen Country Park back last summer. (Yes, I'm that far behind in my hiking photo essays!) So, without further ado, here are more photos of a hike taken in the heat of the summer in one of Hong Kong's oldest -- having been designated one back in 1977 -- as well as easily accessible country parks; one during which my hiking companion and I discovered that one week can make a whole lot of difference as far as blooming flowers go (as we saw far more this time around than on our previous Sunday's hike):-

Walking along the hiking trail, one sometimes could see
exposed roots of plants to one side

On the other side, there were scenic vistas that included
views not only of concrete structures but, also, sections
of Ocean Park (including its colorful hot air balloons) and
the Police Training School seen in films like
Infernal Affairs II

As this sign post shows, there are many
route possibilities within Aberdeen Country Park

A species of flower I see a lot on my hikes in Hong Kong
-- and which I think is the Hong Kong Gordonia
(that has, as you can see if you click to enlarge the photo,
attracted its share of ants!)

A view from a different angle of the same species of flower

Can you spot the millipede in the photo?

One of the many species of beautiful flowers I see
while hiking in Hong Kong but, alas, cannot as yet identify

A photo that shows how close Aberdeen Country Park
is to Aberdeen town (and vice versa)!


Dragonstar said...

So much wild beauty, and so close to a city. Hong Kong must be a fascinating place.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Hong Kong is indeed a fascinating place -- and I have to say I love being able to be a culture vulture one evening and then go hiking the next day (like I just did last weekend)! :)