Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hiking along Tai Po Kau's Yellow Walk (Photo-essay)

Before I got to chronicling my most recent Japan, Germany and Luxembourg, and South Korea vacations, and also before I got sucked into chronicling the Umbrella Movement, Tuesdays used to be reserved for putting up hiking photo-essays on my blog.  But events have dictated that the last time I did that was about back on September 1st, 2014, about my hiking on Po Toi's Rugged Trail.

Now, though, I reckon that it's high time that I got back to putting hiking photo-essays on Tuesdays.  And here's restarting with one about the the hike I went on with two friends one wintry, polluted air day -- with next to no scenic views or critters in sight (unlike the previous time I had ventured to Tai Po Kau)! -- along the 10 kilometer "Yellow (circular) Walk" inside of the Tai Po Kau Special Area that, thanks to the route having quite a lot of ups and downs, actually being good exercise and also a generally okay experience! ;b

The 10 kilometer Yellow Walk is the lengthies
of the four official trails in Tai Po Kau Special Area

 This designated special area consists of 
460 hectares of heavily wooded forest,
with more than 100 species of trees

A typical sight when hiking in Hong Kong: 
green moss covered rocks along with other greenery :)

We didn't see any spiders that day but we still saw much evidence 
that some arachnids have made this area their home :)

 A view of the leaf-strew, multi-stepped trail 
that we went along that afternoon

 If the air was clearer, we'd have had a better view of
and, beyond it, Sha Tin New Town

 A bamboo grove lies within the Tai Po Kau forested area

They are of varying lengths but all of the four
official walks in Tai Po Kau end at the same point!

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