Monday, November 11, 2013

Human-made and natural sights on a hike along Wilson Trail Section 2 (Photo-essay)

In the first year of hiking in Hong Kong, an experienced hiker friend told me that the most challenging Hong Kong Island trail is way less difficult than many trails in other parts of Hong Kong.  At the time, I had yet to go up The Twins, Jardine's Lookout and Mount Butler.

Nowadays, however, I look at these Hong Kong Island hills as familiar territory.  But while I still do find a hike up and down The Twins to be pretty formidable and consequently have not yet trekked Section 1 of the Wilson Trail (which takes in The Twins and also Violet Hill) in one go, I've happily gone along the entirety of the lengthier Section 2 in a single afternoon --and more than once, and including on a summer's day (that offered up plenty of bug spottings) too! ;b

The trigonometrical station on Jardine's Lookout

Some people look upon stone quarries as scars on the landscape
but I feel that they have a beauty of their own

Water and different rocks and minerals combine
to form a (temporary) natural work of art

An impressively large kite flew overhead 
as we hiked along the trail that day 
 The kind of landscape many people find hard to believe
can be found in Hong Kong, never mind Hong Kong Island :)

Yes, I really did spot this exotic looking flora
growing in the wild of Tai Tam Country Park :b

An even more surreal sight along the trail is this
shrine area that some dedicated soul has set up

Another unexpected sight along this scenic hiking trail:
when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong during World War II, 


alejna said...

Great photos, as always! I found the one of the outdoor stoves to be especially intriguing.

As for the quarry, I see what you mean about it having a beauty of its own. The terracing is quite interesting. I have seen much uglier instances of strip mines where I really have trouble seeing any beauty...

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Thanks for enjoying this photo-essay -- and commenting on this entry which had previously been comment-less! :)

Bill said...

Hi Yvonne,

"Work of art" is indeed an apt description for your photo of the rock and its beautiful pastel strips of color. For me, this photo confirms that nature itself (herself) is the greatest artist...Your photo of the trail is the kind of idyllic scene that every hiker-photographer hopes to come upon. Because of the perfect way you framed it, I'd say (with the help of Lao Tzu), this photo simply expresses The Way...

Your photo of the shrine, complete with a figure of Guan Yin and the smaller figurines, is enough to inspire me to get on a jet to Hong Kong (something I would be doing this winter if it wasn't for some health issues that caused me to postpone the trip).

The HK Tourist board should use these photos of yours in a promotional ad to entice tourists to explore more of HK and see why it is more than just shopping and eating!


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Re the photo of the trail: did you see the swift I accidentally caught in that picture? ;b

Re the HK Tourism Board: I'd just be happy if they gave me some kind of link or even a job! ;b

Also, sorry to learn about your health issues. Hope you get well soon.

Bill said...

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for pointing out the swift - I actually hadn't noticed it until you brought it to my attention. I don't know if this bird is related to cave-dwelling swiflets, the kind who produce the nests used in bird's nest soup!


YTSL said...

Hi again Bill --

I think swiftlets are a kind of swift -- but don't think Hong Kong's home to the "bird's nest soup" swifts.

Incidentally, I saw those swiftlets years back when I visited the Niah Caves in Sarawak, Malaysia. And yes, I do like bird's nest soup even though I do know what that key ingredient *really* is... ;b

Bill said...


I had to indulge myself and add another comment here because you mentioned Sarawak, a visit there once which is one of my treasured travel memories. Although I didn't make it to the Niah Caves, I did do some exploring in Bako National Park and, Kuching is one of my favorite cities, especially since I'm a cat lover...

A final word about this Wilson Trail Section 2 photo. It is probably my favorite of all your photos, with a close second being the proud-looking Luk Wu Plateau lizard.


YTSL said...

Hi once more Bill --

Indulge away! Funny, we've been to different parts of Sarawak -- the only parts I've been to are Miri, the Niah Caves, and the Mulu Caves. :b

And thanks for liking the Wilson Trail Section 2 photo so much. You like it way more than me, it seems! :D