Monday, November 25, 2013

A cloudy day hike in the southern section of the Sai Kung Peninsula (Photo-essay)

If you ask regular hikers where they usually hike in Hong Kong, chances are that they'll say Hong Kong Island, Lantau or the Sai Kung Peninsula.  And if pushed to say why people find them particularly attractive, I'd say that Hong Kong Island has the best maintained trails, Lantau Island has mountains and hills (particularly Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak) that attract those looking for the most difficult challenges -- and Sai Kung has the most beautiful scenery.

To put things in context: the cobbled-together Sai Kung Peninsula trail route that two friends and I went on one cloudy day would be considered one of the least visually attractive for many people.  And yet as I hope to show via the previous photo-essay and this one, it still yielded many scenic vistas along with other interesting sights...

Green land, blue water and cloud filled skies
combine to make for a pleasant sight
 View looking southwards to Kau Sai Chau (with its
public golf course) and Sai Kung town in the distance
 The Splash of White is a plant that's well named :)

In the shadow of High Island Reservoir's West Dam

My hiking buddies that afternoon pause for a breather
and to take in the splendid views :)
Incidentally, that day's hiking exertions combined 
with the high humidity got me sweating buckets! ;b
 In all honesty though, I feel that getting to behold 
vistas like this one is fair compensation 
for all that effort and perspiration ;D

In addition, near the end of the hike came 
this bonus spotting of a pretty butterfly whose 
patterns got me thinking of batik prints! :)


EastCoastLife said...

Great way to slim down, do it more often. hehe....
Love the scenic view.

YTSL said...

Hi EastCoastLife --

I average a hike a week -- is that often enough, you reckon? ;b