Saturday, March 3, 2012

Drop and fluffy (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

As regular visitors to this blog know, it contains no small amount of photos I took while out hiking in Hong Kong (with my blogging routine tending to include weekly hiking photo-essays (like this one) as well as my also being prone to offer up exultant post hike entries on Sunday evenings (see an example here)). But, in truth, the Hong Kong hike photos on view on this blog are but a mere drop in the ocean in terms of the number of photos taken while out hiking that I have in my ever-growing photo archive.

And it is to this now considerable hike photos collection that I find myself frequently turning to when faced with the challenge of combining the often majorly disparate themes chosen for
Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunts!

This week, a photograph with a purple Morning Glory flower and green leaves on which rain drops had fallen caught my eye -- as did an image of something fluffy -- or, at least previously was so until it got thoroughly drenched! -- amidst similarly raindrop-covered leaves. Still, it was to another day's worth of hiking photos that I turned to for a snap of something really fluffy.

I have to admit I'm not quite sure what it is that I captured in that last photo though. Are there flowers which first look fluffy before becoming less so in the manner of birds that are fluffy at the baby stage but less so when they become adults? Because that's what that photo looks like it has captured to me -- i.e., something that's popped out of a pod but has yet to reached actual flowering stage! ;O


Carver said...

I enjoy your hiking nature shots. These are great for the combined themes this week. Happy Weekend!

Raine said...

I imagine the last photo where the head of the flower would stand up and the white filaments waving into the wind. :D

Photo Cache said...

i definitely love your fluffy, you captured that beautifully.

YTSL said...

Hi Carver --

Thanks for liking my hiking nature shots. Happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi Raine --

That's a nicely poetic description there! :)

Hi Photo Cache --

Thanks for approving of my take on the Fluffy theme. (Hope you like the takes on the Drop theme too ;b)

keeyit said...

I love hiking too. I wonder what is that in the 2nd picture?

eyesonme2world said...

Hong Kong nice scenery. I went there 4 times already.. haha...

I also love to capture flowers and plants during hiking~

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

those spieer webs, are they sticky?

eastcoastlife said...

Seeing the fluffy flower, I would not resist blowing it into the air. :P

Gattina said...

I didn't know that there are flowers which are first fluffy and then bloom !

YTSL said...

Hi keeyit --

I'm inclined to think that it's just the top of an uncut stalk of grass. :)

Hi eyesonme2world --

Four times is good -- five or more even better! ;b

Have you hiked in Hong Kong? Think you'd enjoy doing so. :)

Hi Ann --

I haven't checked but would assume that spider webs are sticky. Don't think I have any spider webs in the photos though!

Hi EastCoastLife --

To be honest, I'm not sure if that fluffy stuff in the 3rd photo are flowers or seeds! :O

Hi Gattina --

I don't know that there are either -- just me being whimsical, actually... and hoping someone will let me know if they do know that's the case! :b

Annie said...

That last photo mystery is intriguing; it really looks like soft silky hair! I love seeing photos from your hikes.

Sue said...

Great shots! I'm not sure about the fluffy one either. Looks like there might be seeds?

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, beautiful photos and take on both themes. That last photo is interesting and I agree with Annie, somewhat mysterious. At first I thought it was like cotton but it looks too fine. I love a good mystery.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am glad you take your camera with you while hiking!
Thanks for dropping by The Saturday PhotoHunt.
I hope to see y'all next Saturday... We may have to hunt for 'symbolic'!
♥ Sandi

LifeRamblings said...

such interesting finds and the last two photos are just gorgeous.

YTSL said...

Hi Annie --

I have to say I'd love for someone to ID it for me... ;b

Hi Sue --

I'm suspecting the same as you -- but would love to be sure! :)

Hi Trekcapri --

Thanks for visiting and appreciating once again. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Hi Sandi --

I'm glad I take my camera while hiking too. :)

Hi Life Ramblings --

Thanks for the appreciation! :)

CherryPie said...

That last photo is very intriguing.

Ruth said...

Lovely photos :)

Janice said...

Very nice outdoorsy shots.

YTSL said...

Hi CherryPie --

For me, fluffy is more the word for it... ;)

Hi Ruth --

Thanks! :)

Hi Janice --

Thanks for thinking so. :)

Jerrry said...

The raindrops on the flower are beautiful - great shot for this week's theme.

Have a super weekend.

YTSL said...

Hi Jerry --

Thanks -- and as it so happens, I did have a pretty super weekend! :)

Anne said...

Both of your photos are wonderful! Love the detail of the raindrops, and also the fluffy bit is fascinating!

alejna said...

I love the way you are continuing to work in two very disparate themes each week for photohunt!

I have probably told you this before, but I am quite partial to water drops in photos. I have quite a stash of them in my photo library! Too bad I haven't kept up with photohunt myself.

As for the fluffy picture at the bottom, it looks like a flower that has gone to seed to me. Sort of like the fluff from a thistle or a dandelion. (But certainly the plant doesn't much resemble either of those types of plants.)

Eden said...

I like your "Drop" entry. I must admit I had to go back to the photo after I read the description to find the "drop" :)

Mine is up too. It's right here:

YTSL said...

Hi Anne --

Both? I have three photos up! ;O

Hi Alejna --

Too bad indeed re your not having kept up with Photo Hunt. But you're so busy I think it's understandable!

Hi Eden --

Thanks for going back and looking again at the pertinent photo after reading my description of it. :)