Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Wan Chai Gap to Wong Nai Chung Gap (Photo-essay)

A glance at the calendar recently got me realizing that it's been more than a month since I last went hiking while a glance at this blog's back entries got me discovering that it's also been more than a month since I last posted a hiking photo-essay; one whose pictures were taken on my last hike of 2007. So, here in late April 2008, a photo-essay documenting a 2008 hike seems way over due. Hence it being so that I'm finding some down-time in a busy period (of work but also having to move apartments, etc.) to share the following set of photos from a hike I went on with an Australian friend way back on the first day of this past Chinese New Year:-

One of the wonders of Hong Kong is discovering how near
nature and quiet can be from urban spaces like Wan Chai
(to wit, this path is but a few minutes walk down
on the greener, southern side of Wan Chai Gap)

...and again (this time without
even my hike companion in the picture! ;b)

It was Chinese New Year rather than Christmas
but some of the flora we saw on our hike
got us thinking of that end of year day instead ;)

...and again! ;)

Our 7.5 km hike route from Wan Chai Gap to
Wong Nai Chung Gap is just one of many hike possibilities
within the 423 hectare
Aberdeen Country Park
that has been called Hong Kong Island's 'back garden'

The Aberdeen Reservoirs (Upper and Lower) are
some of the Aberdeen Country Park's main features

The Aberdeen Reservoirs may not be as beautiful
as the Tai Tam Reservoirs but I still reckon
that they're worth a second look (and picture)

And this especially on a day like our hike's --
which was great for walking in that it was bracingly cool
but not so great for panoramic photography since,
as this shot looking southeast shows,
it was on the misty side! ;S


sarah bailey knight said...


I like how rough the trail looks with rocks and leaves and stones and everything scattered around. Helpful signs too.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

I know what you mean. Rough and level are great to me. OTOH, the Hong Kong government is one a trail paving campaign that has irked more than one hiker while, to be honest, steps up and down steep inclines are looking better to me now since my last hike... ;b

Willow said...

I would prefer to hike on an overcast, cool day myself. Hope you get back up on the hills soon, although, isn't it getting warm and mucky out there now?

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Yeah, the overcast, cool day was great for hiking. Just not so great for photo-taking. Also, yes, it's getting warm now but not too mucky just yet! :)

aburb said...

YTSL, love your photo essay,dunno u go hiking~~~~~~ Can I join you some time? Feel like some fresh Air~~~~~~

YTSL said...

Hi vivianccraik --

If you're the Vivian I think you are (i.e., handigirl? ;b), then sure you can join me some time. Actually, wish I knew that you'd be willing earlier -- had been looking around for someone to go hiking with this public holiday (May 1) but thus far, no joy! ;S