Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Spy ____ (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

I spy with my little eye... something beginning with an "l". Especially if you can't guess or see what it is, then do please read on...

This week's Photo Hunt theme is one that looks to allow us to use our imagination as well as delve into our photo archive. In my case, I'm putting up two photos taken from different parts of Hong Kong of the same famous local landmark: that which is known -- as the second picture hopefully shows with good reason -- as Lion Rock. So iconic is this natural formation that it's lent its name to such as a popular local TV series (Below the Lion Rock) and beloved song (Under the Lion Rock) that's a veritable anthem for the people of Hong Kong whose Cantonese lyrics translate into English as follows:-

The vicissitudes of life consist of joy and also tears
But our encounters under the Lion Rock
Have brought more laughter than sobs or sorrow
Rugged path in life is inevitable
Absolute worry-free is also impossible
As long as we are in the same boat under the Lion Rock
We should forsake our differences and work for a common goal........


Anonymous said...

Now that is one amazing backdrop of the city! I will read more of this lion rock, thanks for sharing...and also for the visit. Have a good weekend!

jams o donnell said...

What an excellent take on this week's theme. Have a great weekend!

Emmyrose said...

I totally missed that one. Nice entry :)

Mine is up here:

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Amazing stuff, as usual, YTSL.

Have a great weekend!

CRIZ LAI said...

Nice backdrop of the Lion Rock. Great shot!

YTSL said...

Hi stolenshots --

Isn't it just? And the amazing thing with Hong Kong is that it's but one amazing backdrop that the city has! :b

Hi jams o donnell --

Thanks and you too! :)

Hi emmyrose --

Maybe it would help if you clicked to enlarge the picture? Anyways, glad you manage to spy the lion rock, albeit after reading about it... ;b

Hi snoopythegoon --

Thanks much and hope you have a good weekend yourself! :)

Hi Criz Lai --

Thanks and BTW, have you put up your Photo Hunt entry for this week? Went to your Criz's Sanctuary but couldn't find it there... :S

Anonymous said...

Interesting shots. I have not heard of the Lion Rock. Hopefully I'll be able to find time to read more about it. Happy weekend (=

Anonymous said...

I never knew that. I had a friend who worked as a marine assessor in HK and learned of, was it, Tiger Gardens ? A really good take on the theme.
Yes, not so cute anymore, I fear.

Harajuku PearL said...

Gosh, i knew this picture looks familiar and when you say brings back memories.:) I didnt know its called Lion Rock actually.

Pearl - have a good weekend

Mec said...

aww... i seem to have missed this when we were in HK :)

btw, my "i spy: is here

Dragonstar said...

Now you've told me I can see it! Great choice.

eastcoastlife said...

Whenever I'm in Hong Kong I'm too busy shopping and eating to notice the views which is almost the same as Singapore. Concrete jungle. :)

Hootin' Anni said...


Mine is shared....I have two hidden things in two photos...drop by and see if you can find 'em, if you haven't tried yet!! happy weekend....

Carver said...

Gorgeous shot and interesting post. I love your take on the theme.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and a very interesting post! People tend to overlook the beauty in their own back yard.

Sarge Charlie said...

excellent LOCAL LANDMARK yes I had to read to find the answer

Love Bears All Things said...

I thought it was a volcano.
Mama Bear

maryt/theteach said...

Ytsl, great shots of Lion Rock! Have a good weekend! :D

Smalltown RN said...

very good....and creative for this weeks theme....

jmb said...

YTSL, we have two things in common this week for our photo hunt. We have a mountain with two peaks called the Lions here in Vancouver. They look like two lions lying down and are usually covered with snow. See here
So we share this and dragon boat racing. You always make me want to come visit Hong Kong.
Have a great weekend.

-tnchick- said...

Wow, what a huge landmark it is!

Anonymous said...

I can certainly see the lion in the second shot but I confess I didn't get it at all before I read the rest:)

Yes, crime thriller addicts live here. I went straight off to find out more about Peter May. How have we missed him!

Teena in Toronto said...

Wouldn't that be fun to climb!!

I played too :)

Sarge Charlie said...

stop by again, I answered you airplane question with another photo.

YTSL said...

Hi Pelfy --

Hope you noticed that there's a link to more info on Lion Rock in my blog entry... ;b

Hi Aileni --

You're referring to the fabled Tiger Balm Gardens. Alas, they no longer exist, I'm afraid... :S

And maybe not so cute but much wiser? ;b

Hi Pearl --

You didn't know it was called Lion Rock but did you ever spot the lion resemblance? Think it's particular obvious around the Choi Hung-Diamond Hill area.

Hi Mec --

Where were you in Hong Kong? For it's true that there are parts of the territory where it's harder to spot than others.

Hi Dragonstar --

Good and thanks! :)

Hi eastcoastlife --

Tsk, tsk... Hong Kong is NOT all concrete jungle. In fact, some 70% of it is actual countryside! (If you don't believe, check out more of my blog -- particularly my Hong Kong hiking photo-essays!) ;S

Hi Hootin' Annie --

I did drop by and, as I recall, had difficulty spying the things until you pointed them out! :)

Hi Carver --

Much thanks! :)

Hi JC --

Agree, and one of the things I've really am intent on doing is to remember to appreciate what's near and around me. :)

Hi Sarge --

Thanks -- for both your comments and your extra post in response to my query over at your blog! :)

Hi Mama Bear --

Hahahaha! A volcano in Hong Kong would be quite some thing... ;b

Hi Teach --

Thanks and so far, so good... ;b

Hi SmalltownRN --


Hi jmb --

I take it as a great compliment that I make you want to visit Hong Kong. Thanks for it! :)

Hi TNChick --

Yes, indeedy! :)

Hi A. --

Just finished my third Peter May book in three weeks. The worry though is that I can't find any more... :S

Hi Teena --

I think it would be scary to climb, actually! ;b

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, and re that cave - I have been only in a part of it. There are some crawling parts we have skipped.

YTSL said...

Hi SnoopyTheGoon --

Hope it was fun and interesting in that dark looking cave rather than just plain scary! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice shots! Great take on the theme!

Anonymous said...

Good spying!

YTSL said...

Hi Gellianne and Mica --

Thanks both for your comments! :)