Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tai Tam Reservoirs redux (photo-essay)

Season's greetings to you all and hope you get to enjoy some time off during this end of the year period. As for myself: Just returned from one vacation trip away from Hong Kong yesterday and will shortly head out of the territory for another!

But before doing that, here's going ahead and sharing some more scenic shots from the gentle -- but long -- Hong Kong Island hike with my mother that I went on last month; in particular, the Tai Tam Reservoirs portion of this particular outing. And, again, if parts of it strike some of you as familiar (as well as, I trust, beautiful), that's because I had been through here before... only, faster and with less pause for photography and -- pun very much intended! -- reflection than this time around... ;b

Before we get to the water, here's a look
at part of the hiking path we were on

More of the trail
but now water also beckons...

A calm and pretty spot
Tai Tam Country Park

Pulling back for a larger view
of one of the Tai Tam Reservoirs

The kind of picture that gets me thinking --
I may not be able to paint but, hey,
at least I can take a photograph like this one! :)

Yes, those really are reflections of clouds
(as well as surrounding greenery) on the water :)

More great scenery made even more beautiful
when reflections
get thrown into the equation

One last photo -- and you just know
that it had to include reflections, right? ;)


sarah bailey knight said...


These photos are your best so far. I love the steps to the water and the continuing railing. So did you walk into the water still holding onto the railing....hehe

Willow said...

Yes, do love the reflections on the calm waters.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Yeah, I like this batch of photos a lot too. Tai Tam really is beautiful. Also, must say that my mother is a particularly good hiking companion in that she doesn't mind my stopping, and often for a while, to take photos as we go about our walk... :)

Hi Willow --

Thanks for appreciating too. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are stunning photos! I love the one of the clouds reflected in the water.

I have to ask though, about the rail alongside the steps. It seems to continue on into the water though the steps don't. Or am I missing something?

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Actually, that's not a railing in that picture (though I see that sbk thought that too). Instead, it's a lone plank of wood that, to be honest, I'm not sure why is there. As for the steps: Presume they're there for when maintenance, etc. workers need to take a small boat and sail in the dam...

Trekcapri said...


I really enjoyed this post. Your photos are all so beautiful. What an awesome hiking location.

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

Thanks for liking the post and photos. The Tai Tam Reservoirs really are very scenic -- and I love "introducing" them to people, be it via photos or hiking excursions. :)