Saturday, December 29, 2007

Messy (This week's Photo Hunt)

"Where's the mess?" I can hear all but the keenest-eyed folks asking when they take at the two pictures that I've put up for this week's Messy-themed Photo Hunt. To which I will reply with the following:

Firstly, see the cow standing on the hill in the bottom photo? Well, it and the other cows that are allowed to roam freely around Hong Kong's Tap Mun Chau (AKA Grass Island) are responsible for making it so that beautiful though much of this remote as well as rural 2 square kilometer section of the HKSAR is, there are some people who will want to steer clear of it. Alternatively put (and to quote no less a source than Wikipedia), "hygiene-conscious [individuals] tend to stay away from Tap Mun as the island is home to cattle, resulting in hilltops dotted with many piles of faeces"!!!

And should you really wish to see the messy evidence for yourself, look carefully at the foreground portions of the posted photos and it ought not be too difficult for you to spot at least one cow 'pie' about the place. Still, if it is, chalk it down to my having been too successful in ensuring that the photos I took during my recent visit to Tap Mun would not have cow pies in them rather than that the island being bereft of them... ;b


Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Those are beautiful photos! I guess it is only natural for cows to make a mess!


JesieBlogJourney said...

Your explanation makes it messier than what I can gather from the pictures.

I also have a mess of stuff on my floor. Do come and visit if you have a chance.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that, even enlarged, I took a while to spot the mess :)

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

jennwa said...

Yuck, even if it is natural.But good photos. Have a great weekend.

Amy said...

Ewww...that is definitely messy, as well as smelly!

Sarge Charlie said...

being a farm boy, I do understand cow pie,

Mark said...

You carn't beat jumping into cow pats, especially if they have a bit of a crust on's only grass

Carver said...

Those are gorgeous photographs. I've stepped in some cow dung myself so I know it's messy but I love the rural scenes.

YTSL said...

Hi dragonheart and merlin --

Yes, it's only natural for cows to make a mess. I guess I just wish that they didn't make so much of a mess in such a beautiful place! ;S

Hi jesieblogjourney --

Glad you got soemthing out of my explanation. :)

Hi a. --

Happy 2008 to you too! :)

Hi jennwa --

Yuck *is* a good word for the messiness of it all! ;b

Hi Amy --

Ewww... would be one of my reactions as well! ;D

Hi Sarge Charlie --

Did your comments get cut off or...?

Hi Mark --

Can't beat jumping into cow pats? Er..., actually, I CAN think of many better things to do! ;D

Hi Carver --

Agree with you that stepping into cow dung certainly makes for a messy thing to do... ;S

**"Liza"** said...

looks beautiful place..;)yep nature is messy but yet beautiful in ways..;)
Happy Hunt!!!!!
Mine is up too

denz said...

wooohoooo!!! that's really a messy one! indeed you have a great picture,keep it up...

mine is up here:
Happy New Year!

lissa said...

I rather not see the actually mess. Thank you for not posting a closeup shot.

Have a wonderful week.

Linda said...

My messy pictures are up too:

As always, I enjoyed your take on the theme!!

T.R. said...

Ohhh cow messy. Don't like that - my dogs love to roll in it. Yuck. But beautiful scenery.

My messy involves cats and is a little PG13.

YTSL said...

Hi Liza --

Tap Mun is a beautiful place. Personally, I wouldn't mind visiting again. OTOH, I can't see myself bringing, say, my mother over there for a visit... ;S

Hi denz --

Thanks, and I intend to (keep it up)! :)

Hi Lisa --

Yeah, this was one of those Photo Hunts where I was thinking: should I participate? Don't want to mess up my blog with really messy pictures... ;S

Hi Linda --

Thanks for visiting and enjoying! Hope you'll continue doing so for a time. :)

Hi T.R. --

More than BTW, VERY nice blog you've got there! :)