Saturday, December 15, 2007

Small (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

Some weeks, I spend part of my Saturday afternoon after work -- yes, alas, mine is a 5 1/2 day work week :S -- going around town with a camera, trying to find a worthy and appropriate subject for the week's Photo Hunt. Some other weeks, on the other hand, are ones with themes that get me happily thinking "Yay, I have just the photo(s) in my collection to showcase!" And as it so happens, yes, indeedy, re this happening to be one of the latter weeks. :)

For, back in July of this year, I had gone on the Ping Shan Heritage Trail and towards the end of my explorations, I had come across the small shrine, complete with orange offerings (which, for the purposes of this Photo Hunt, are great for emphasising how small the pair of religious figurines in the photo in question really are!)

But precisely because the figurines are rather small, they may not make for quite an impressive photographic subjects. Consequently, I'm also including a second photo in this entry that also have small religious figurines as their main subject matter; only this time around, they are ones that are part of a much larger and, accordingly, far more visually impressive assemblage!

As you might imagine, I was close to speechless when I first spotted this unusual assemblage of religious figurines; and this not least because I honestly had never read or been told about its existence! To this day, I don't know much about who is its creator -- or creators -- and such. Only that this collection of figurines is to be found in what looks to be part the apparently not very well known -- or visited -- Waterfall Bay Park, located near Wah Fu over on the western side of Hong Kong Island. And that another intrepid blogger also has been to the area and similarly thought that the shrine was worth photographing and mentioning on a blog... ;b


Natalie said...

Wow! Those really are small.

My Photo Hunt is up too! :)

Lynn said...

Interesting. Most figurines found in parks are huge or the normal size but this one's like a miniature version.

jams o donnell said...

What a great take on this week's theme. Have a great weekend

Gattina said...

They are amazing ! I made the picture bigger it is real artwork !

YTSL said...

Hi Natalie --

Glad you agree re those figurines fitting the 'small' theme... ;)

Hi Lynn --

Most statues in parks have been put there by the government. OTOH, I suspect that that wasn't the case for the ones in my second photo.

Hi jams o donnell --

Thanks and hope you have a great weekend too! :)

Hi Gattina --

Glad you took the opportunity to view enlarged versions of the pictures and liked what you saw! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, oranges! I thought they were melons! In the full size picture the figurines have the most lovely expressions on their faces.

Carver said...

That's a very interesting post and the small figurines are perfect for the theme.

lissa said...

Wow! I have seen these before but that this many all at once.

I'm thinking this should be a tourist attraction. Very impressive.


Anonymous said...

That is interesting. So, we do not know the purpose that this was started? That would be something to find out. Great photos and have a good weekend.

**"Liza"** said...

very nice entry very cut nd neat! have a great weekend! Mine is up too

pelfy said...

Those figures remind me of seven dwarfs. Hehee (=

I have something small to show you too. I hope you can visit me
here. Happy weekend.

jmb said...

These are very small and very interesting. Thanks for showing them to us and telling about them.

YTSL said...

Hi A. --

Hahaha re your mistaking the oranges for melons! And yes, agreed re the figurines having lovely facial expressions. :)

Hi Carver --

Thanks! :)

Hi Lissa --

Agreed that they should be a tourist attraction but get the feeling that the authorities aren't aware of their existence!

Hi kissedalotatoads --

Since the figurines are by and large religous in nature, my sense is that someone started a shrine and it just grew and grew. But whether it ended up being the work of more than one person, I really don't know...

Hi Liza --

I was wondering what you meant by "cut" before figuring (pun intended!) that you had written your note in such a hurry that you left out the "e" in "cute"! ;D

Hi Pelfy --

Bwahahaha at your seven dwarves suggestion!!! And at the very least, neither/none of them are grumpy, right? ;b

Hi jmb --

You're welcome -- and again, thanks for visiting and appreciating. :)

PowersTwinB said...

Wow...that is a truely beutiful idea of a small corner of the world having those tiny religious figures ! Great photo and thanks for the post to explain. Thank you for visiting my hunt today

YTSL said...

Hi powerstwinb --

You're welcome and thanks for visiting back! :)