Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beginning of November writings

A photo taken inside of a Hindu temple
in Penang some months back

Has another month passed by already? As the proverbial "they" say, "time flies when you're having fun". Too which I'd add that it's even more so if you're busy, busy, busy! And, also, that my definite impression after six months -- yes, it's been six months now! -- in Hong Kong is that folks in "Asia's World City" most definitely are into working but also playing hard. :)

Getting to the work part of my Hong Kong life: The latest issue of
bc magazine is out on the streets and available on-line as of today, with a cover story -- not written by moi actually! -- about Diwali (AKA Deepavali), the fast approaching Hindu festival of lights. Hence my choice of photo for this entry.

Moving on to those portions of the magazine that I wrote -- this time around, they are:-

Sufi Sema -- a feature article on Istanbul's whirling dervishes who will be coming to town later this month (and who I saw performing their Sema ritual when I visited that enchanting Turkish city back in September 2003)

ii) Dulce et Decorum Est -- an arts feature piece on an upcoming staging of World War One play Journey's End later this month

When Adam Met Anjo -- an interview with director cum scriptwriter Adam Wong

iv) Magic Boy -- review of Adam Wong's latest movie

v) Summer's Tail -- review of the Taiwanese movie (but also on the same page is an interview with its director Cheng Wen-Tang and female star, songwriter cum co-scriptwriter, Enno (the latter of whom, more than incidentally, has just been nominated for a Golden Horse award in the Best Newcomer category))

vi) Blind Mountain -- review of director Li Yang's follow-up film after Blind Shaft

vii) Silk -- review of a movie that annoyed me so what that it 'inspired' me to write a lengthier than usual review for the magazine!

Editor's Diary -- ten events to check out over the upcoming fortnight... if you were/are in Hong Kong ;b

ix) Live Music -- a section that I'm gradually becoming more comfortable writing...

And although I didn't write it, I have a feeling that more than one reader of this blog will find this review of Triangle to be of interest (plus be able to recognize the name of its author). :)


Glenn said...

Okay, I must be slipping. Who is Michael Wells? For shame, I know.

Magic Boy sounds right up my alley. And I liked your quote from Lost and Found as that film was much better than I expected it would be.

Weirdly, that is one HK film that I've seen in many Border's over here -- Taiseng at least got it on the US shelves.

Now I have to read the rest of your reviews today!

- Glenn

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

Michael Wells is one of the long-time regulars over at the Mobius Home Video Forum's Asian Cinema board. :)

And it's nice to know that "Lost and Found" can be found in many Borders in the USA. It's one of those movies I didn't expect to love (in this case because I don't like two of its stars as a rule) but found to be truly magical.

Glenn said...

which two?

Kelly Chen and...?

Michael Wong?

I can't imagine you disliking Takeshi, though he's done more than his share of unlikeable films (Confession of Pain springs to mind -- beautifully shot but without anything else to recommend it, IMHO).

I admit that I only recently have used Mobius -- For years I just stuck to View from the Brooklyn Bridge and LoveHKFilm and only grudingly ventured beyond those two whose reviews I knew I could trust.

YTSL said...

Hi again Glenn --

Yup, you guessed right re which two in "Lost and Found" -- and also my being a fan of Takeshi Kaneshiro. And yes, "That Worm" does make that movie for me. :b

Re Mobius: I'm afraid that it's heyday has passed. However, I met a good amount of Asian film fans and made a lot of good friends via it. So am thankful for its existence.

Willow said...

I think I'd only want to see To's section of Triangle. I can't appreciate Tsui's work. I'm not sure I know what Lam does but I don't want to see Louis Koo's part in this section. So, To it is.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Watched "Triangle" a couple of evenings ago and like both Tsui as well as To's sections of the film. Ringo Lam's was okay but didn't have much flair as the two others'. Still, the way the film is, you're going to have to watch ALL of it -- and would recommend that you do so.

And more than BTW, Ringo Lam's work includes "City on Fire" (the work that Quentin Tarantino infamously ripped off with "Reservoir Dogs") as well as "Full Alert", "The Suspect" and "School on Fire". And FWIW, I do generally rate him as a director -- and definitely prefer his work to those of, say, John Woo.