Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yet another batch of links to published writings

A wild bird gazing into
the murky waters of Victoria Harbour

-- and, if it thought like a human,
wishing that the water was cleaner and clearer

Come Sunday, November 18, it will be Harbour Day over here in Hong Kong. To help commemorate this event, the plan had been to come out with a special Harbour Day-themed issue of bc magazine. The way things turned out, however, there is less coverage of this day in the magazine than the powers that be would have liked. And I guess that I had something to do with this since the following are the non-Harbour Day-themed pieces that I wrote for this issue:-

i) Milkyway's Latest Star -- feature article on Andy On (one of the stars of Milkyway Image's latest film, Mad Detective)

ii) The Wide World of Zhengs -- feature article on the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra's upcoming World of Zhengs concert along with its featured artist, the charming Luo Jing

iii) Australian A Cappella -- feature article on Antipodean a cappella quartet The Idea of North

iv) Review of Anna & Anna and an interview with its director cum co-scriptwriter, Aubrey Lam

v) Review of Tokyo Tower: Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad

vi) The Editor's Diary for November 15 to 30 (and a bit beyond)

vii) The Live Music section

For all this though, here's stating for the record that I, too, am definitely in favor of Victoria Harbour being made cleaner than it currently is. (And very much ditto with regards to the air that we breathe.)

On a different note: For those who wonder, yes, there are 'hard'/paper copy versions of bc magazine. Also, yes, I've spotted a few typos in the on-line edition and will try to see that they get remedied... maybe before some of you check the relevant pages out! ;S


Glenn said...

Nice articles.

When did Lau Ching Wan stop being called Sean Lau? You hardly see it anymore -- I kinda forgot until you mentioned it.

And I thought Karena Lam was quite good in July Rhapsody (as were Jacky Cheung and Anita Mui). I didn't open Ah Sou and Kidnap yet because of bad reviews. And Home Sweet Home was one of the most depressing things I've ever seen, Hong Kong or otherwise.

As was Inner Senses for obvious reasons related to Leslie's death.

But Karena is still young and I think there is potential there.

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --


Re Lau Ching Wan: I first saw the name Sean around the time that he appeared in the Canadian indie movie, "Lunch with Charles". To be honest, had never really noticed it being used much elsewhere. So it was with a bit of a jolt that I heard Andy On calling him Sean (sometimes while also calling him Ching Wan at other times).

Re Karena Lam: I think she can act alright (and agree that she was good in "July Rhapsody"). I just worry about her choice of movies and movie roles -- and directors to work with -- is all... :S

Willow said...

It would've been nice if the HK air was cleaned up by the time I visit early-December. haha. Hopefully I won't be suffering a sore throat from an impending cold like I did the last time I was in the Fragrant Harbor, whose air pollution served to aggravate the condition even more.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

The air pollution comes and goes. Right now -- touch wood -- it's not too bad. So am hoping to go hiking again this weekend and to get more nice photos on the hikes! :)