Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tai Tam Country Park Hike Photo-essay #2

As I just wrote in response to a comment by regular blog visitor Willow over
here, I've been on another couple of hikes recently -- and yes, before you ask, they also yielded copious amounts of nice photos, a few selections of which I do intend to put up on this blog to share with its valued visitors. Before doing so though, here's presenting a second set of eight photos from the half-day hiking trip I went on back at the beginning of this month; one which feels like it took place so long ago now -- so all the more reason to remind myself via this photo-essay of how wonderful it (and much of the scenery on view over the course of it) truly was... :)

Similar but not the same:
Close to where I left off the last time around

Another sample picture of
Hong Kong Island's green rolling hills
(and a reminder that this hike took in
hilly as well as beautiful country!)

View of one part of
the Tai Tam reservoir system
from another, lower-level portion of it

One more view of part of
the Tai Tam reservoir system
and the nearby green hills

Lest there be any doubt
as to where we were... ;b

Can you see some of the 1000 plus steps
leading straight up
one of that formidable pair of hills
known -- no thanks to Gillian and Charlene! -- as
The Twins over in the background of this photo?

For the record:
I elected
not to climb up The Twins
and, instead, contented myself with scaling
smaller hills like the one pictured above... ;)

After our (hot weather) exertions,
water like this looked really inviting...
but my hiking companions and I managed to content ourselves
with drinking in views of what really is
a beautiful as well as important reservoir system :b


A. said...

Those are magnificent pictures. It wasn't until I enlarged the one of the steps that I could see just how they go up that (very large) hill. People go up that way? I feel weak at the thought ;)

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Am glad you like the pictures. The scary thing is that I think my last two hikes have yielded even better photos! ;)

As for that large hill: Yes, people really go up that way. And after a few hours of hiking for there's no other way to get there. One of these people was my friend the hike leader of the hike I was on. Pointing there, she suggested that we hike up there one time. I was like "no, thanks". Misunderstanding me, she said "not today but some other day." I was like "You don't understand, I NEVER want to climb up those 1000+ consecutive steps!!!" ;D