Friday, October 5, 2007

Starlight Memories and much much more!

Found on a wall of the Che Kung Temple:
Remember what I wrote a while back about dragons
being seemingly everywhere in Hong Kong
? ;)

Last Saturday, I posted a Photo Hunt entry that came complete with a teaser and promise that a link would get posted to an article about the original individual behind what some people starkly labelled as "a mess" but I'd also describe as a treasure trove of old movie star photos and assorted materials.

What with there being some problems at work this week, I've had to delay putting up that link and others... but now, all shall be revealed and without further ado, I'd like to point loyal and/or curious visitors to this blog to this
cover article on Mr. Hung Chiu Chung (AKA the legendary North Point Photo Shop Man). :)

In addition, I'm going to take to this opportunity to suggest that this early October issue may well be the most YTSL-writing filled issue of bc magazine ever. (And that, frankly, is saying a lot since there have been past issues where I've contributed quite a bit as well.) More precisely, the following articles and sections also were written by moi:-

i) Beautiful Warrior Lanling -- based on an interview with Willy Tsao, founder and Artistic Director of the City Contemporary Dance Company, and a master choreographer who has been labelled the father of modern dance in China;

ii) The Zen of Ken -- based on an interview with filmmaker Kenneth Bi (who I trust will not mind my pointing out to interested readers that he happens to have the great Ivy Ling Po and Chin Han as his parents);

iii) Aida's Triumphant Return -- based on an interview with Warren Mok, internationally renowned tenor and founder cum Artistic Director of Opera Hong Kong;

iv) Traditions and Modernity -- a preview of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra's 30th Anniversary concert;

v) A review of Ang Lee's Lust, Caution;

vi) A review of Oxide Pang's The Detective;

vii) A review of Kenneth Bi's The Drummer;

viii) A review of the Wong Jing produced Beauty and the 7 Beasts;

ix) The Editor's Diary -- think of it as this writer's choice of events to check out in Hong Kong over the next fortnight.

And -- yes, I realize this is starting to sound ridiculous but... -- I wrote all the Live Music section's blurbs too! Furthermore, if you were to check the Backside (the magazine's final contents page), don't be surprised if you notice something there that bears some resemblance to this entry's photograph of choice... So, yes, should you wonder, yours took photos for as well as truly penned this issue's Stopwatch entry -- and the Findery's too! ;o


Anonymous said...

Wow, a bounty of riches.

I must go to Hong Kong and see Mr. Hung's shop. I guess if Brian has been there then I would not be the first gweilo to go there (LOL).

I have more hope for The Detective than the other Pang films I've got on my shelf (as yet unwatched). Leave Me Alone was pretty good but the rest are boring (IMHO). Bangkok Dangerous was decent -- sure the Nic Cage remake will be awful. And the Pangs certainly make things look great if nothing else.

And why is Jo Koo suddenly in everything? Never heard of her until Single Blog and then saw her in Hooked on You and Simply Actors. I liked Metade Fumaca but cannot remember her from that.

And Kenneth Bi's mom is Ivy Ling Po -- learn something new everyday.

I admit I have not seen a lot of her films but she was certainly great in 14 Amazons.

Lust, Caution opens here in Maryland and DC today so I may have to check it out soon.

- Glenn

Anonymous said...


Must admit so far I've thoroughly h enjoyed the articles you've written.

The North Point photo guy is a trip... Who took the cover photo and who did the Hello Kitty cover? I remember you (or someone) telling me he didn't speak English so I carefully wrote my favorite actors/actresses names in Chinese rather than the Western names we know them by.. And was so happy he had many many photos of each one. And I thought buying 33 photos of Leslie was excessive!!!!

I really like the 'backside' column and sometimes wonder if you've picked them. On the dragon chop stick holder you mention 'final price'...did you have to bargain?

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

You most certainly would not be the first gweilo to go there. Also rest assured that Mr. Hung *can* understand English (though his preference is to speak Cantonese and, as sbk pointed out, it helps to have names of actors and actresses whose photos you seek written out in Chinese characters).

Re "The Detective": I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did -- not (only) because a Pang brother was at the helm but because it starred Aaron Kwok. All in all, would say that it's definitely the best Pang brothers movie since "The Eye".

As for Jo Koo: Yeah, this does seem to be her year but I first remember seeing her in "Tempting Heart" (1999) and quite a few people getting impressed by her in "Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone" (2001?). Also, if you ever come by it, think she's really good in the Dutch indie movie, "Paradise Girls". :)

Re Ivy Ling Po: She's single-handedly turned me on to huangmei operas and yeah, love "14 Amazons" too! :)

As for "Lust, Caution": Will be interested to find out what you think of the movie. So do consider coming back here and commenting about it after you've viewed it!

Hi sbk --

Am glad you've enjoyed reading the articles I've written. Must admit that I personally like some more than others -- with "Starlight Memories" being one that's actually very close to my heart.

Re the cover photos: They're all done by my talented colleague, Ken(neth) Chan. Hey, maybe you might consider e-mailing our boss sometime to compliment Ken and I on our work? ;b

Re the backside columns: Heheheh... maybe you could name some of your guesses and I'll say "yeah" or "nay" re whether I had something to do with them! :b

And no, I didn't bargain for that dragon chopstick holder. Maybe I should have but I'm just so bad at such things! ;(

Willow said...

I learned too late that there was a film festival in the area where Ang Lee was to be honored, otherwise I would've tried my darnedest to get tickets and get out there. Well, at least Lust, Caution ust started playing in S.F. but I think I'm going to wait for the DVD. You were dissatisfied with the ending?

You're quite the writing, hiking machine, aren't you? ;D

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Although some people seem to think it, I'm actually no machine! ;(

On a movie note: I was indeed dissatisfied with the ending of "Lust, Caution". However, I'd urge you to see the movie on a big screen rather than on DVD as it's really gorgeous and atmospheric -- so much so, in fact, that it took me some time post stepping out of the theatre to feel like I was properly back in 2007 Hong Kong (as opposed to 1940s Shanghai, etc.).

GoldenRockProductions said...

I quite liked the ending of Lust, Caution, although I don't know if I was completely convinced by the final action of Wong Jiazhi. Nevertheless, I think the final scene is very heartbreaking, and Leung's performance certainly helped immensely. All in all, definitely not as bad as the Western critics have panned it to be.

By the way, a very late happy birthday =)

YTSL said...

Hi goldenrockproductions --

FWIW, finished reading the Eileen Chang short story yesterday and thought the ending made more sense the way the story as a whole was depicted there than in the Ang Lee film. But, yeah, "Lust, Caution" the movie still isn't too bad a film at all. If nothing else, its ability to make me feel like I had been sucked in another world/time says a lot about its cinematic quality to me.

And thanks for the birthday greeting. Late or not, I do appreciate it. :)