Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back online and blogging once more! :)

I'm baaaaaaaack! After a couple of weeks of blogging inactivity, here's going ahead and updating this blog with a bc magazine update -- one which I had been working on last Thursday evening prior to my internet connection deciding to temporarily give up the ghost (and not getting resurrected until this Monday).

But before I proceed to point out which bits of the magazine I wrote plus provide links to them, here's explaining away the
Mr. Vampire association by letting people know -- if they didn't already -- that bc is a bi-weekly magazine and that this latest issue covers the period from October 18th to (you guessed it!) Halloween...

And now without further ado:-

i) The cover article on Hong Kong cinema's Hopping Vampires, Battling Taoist Priests and Ghosts in Love;

ii) Fading in on Fado -- a feature article on Portuguese fado diva Cristina Branco;

iii) A Lovers' Diary for the 2008 HK Arts Festival -- looking ahead to a seriously mega performing arts fest whose advance tickets sale have already begun!;

iv) Musical of Musicals -- a feature article on this year's Musical Moments charity concert (Thursday update: link fixed!);

v) Brothers -- review of the 2007 cinematic reunion of four TVB Tigers (Miu Kiu Wai, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and Ken Tong);

vi) Hero -- review of the 2007 Japanese legal dramedy starring Takuya Kimura;

vii) Mein Fuhrer -- review of the first German comedy about Adolf Hitler in over 50 years;

viii) Editor's Diary -- more appropriately named now that I've been appointed as deputy editor of the magazine... ;S ;

ix) Live Music -- including a "Five Favourites" interview with jazz pianist-vocalist Eriko Ishihara; and

x) Backside (I wonder whether people can figure out which part of this back section of the magazine I wrote...! ;b).


alejna said...

I'm so glad to see you're back online! I've missed you in blogland.

It does look live you've been busy (as usual) with your job. Congratulation on the new editorial position. Wow! That's fabulous.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Glad to see that the lack of new posts in recent weeks hadn't deterred you from continuing to visit. Also, thanks for the congratulations. Let's see whether this career move turns out to be a good one or not... ;S

Glenn said...

Deputy Editor? Wow, that was fast.


Maybe they can fix your internet problems. HA.

I am now going to read your Brothers review.

How did an Andy Lau movie come out with so little fanfare?

Seems that this snuck up on me.

When you see something like that in a HK theater in 2007, is it still crowded? Is he still a big draw in theaters? I know attendance is down in general everywhere but in my mind I picture locals in Hong Kong lining up for Andy Lau at the very least.

Willow said...

Congrats on becoming the Deputy Editor. It's only been 5 or 6 months since you started this position? Pretty soon, you'll be the one running the show. haha.

So you've been doing a lot of hiking lately. Have you taken in any of the art scene, such as live concerts?

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

Well, yeah... but I was an editor at the magazine that I worked for in Malaysia. So... ;b

Re "Brothers": Get the distinct feeling that it was a rush job all round... :S

"When you see something like that in a HK theater in 2007, is it still crowded?"

First, a caveat: More often than not these days, I'm not at a regular screening of a movie. Rather, it tends to be a media preview or premiere or film festival. But the last time I was at a regular screening of a movie -- if you call 9:40 in the morning regular -- it was indeed crowded. Full, in fact. OTOH, it's not everyday that one goes and watches "Lust, Caution" on opening day... ;S

Back to "Brothers": I watched it at a preview which was pretty crowded. Also have read that it was the number one movie this past weekend. So yes, I'd say that Andy Lau still has his fans -- as does Eason Chan over here, more so than I think a lot of people overseas realize.

Hi Willow --

Yeah, I started work on May 2nd. But nah, no prospect of me running the show since the current editor is also the publisher and owner of the magazine! ;D

And funny you should ask about arts stuff as I just took in another classical music concert this evening. :)

Glenn said...

I'm starting to like Eason Chan. He's got potential. For some reason, I didn't really get his appeal early on but I thought he was decent in Frugal Game and Funeral March and even okay in Hooked on You.

YTSL said...

Hi again Glenn --

Re Eason: Don't know if you care for Cantopop but it's his singing that wins him the most fans. As for his acting: Liked him in "Hooked On You" but think his best movie to date remains "Crazy 'n the City".