Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A quieter but also scenic alternative to the Dragon's Back (Photo-essay)

A friend who moved to Hong Kong recently told me of her surprise at seeing how many people there were on the trail when she and her husband went along the Dragon's Back a few weeks ago.  No doubt many folks were lured up there by Time magazine having declared it to be the best urban hike in Asia some years ago.    

While it may be far less hyped, I reckon that those looking for a hilly hike with plentiful views of the nearby water on a trail should also consider the Tai Tan Country Trail.  Don't get me wrong: I like going along the Dragon's Back too.  But when I want a quieter alternative, I am happy to go the few extra miles to venture on another trek which offers up some pretty nice views of the surrounding countryside, this time including Sharp Peak on the other side of Long Harbour, along the way -- one where you're likely to spot more people engaging in aquatic activities of some sort or other nearby than out hiking along the same trail as you! ;b 

I'd be tempted to linger at this scenic spot more 
if it wasn't located so close to the start of the trailhead ;)
I wonder how many people who visit Wong Shek Pier
realize there's a cool hiking trail so close to it?
This sign wasn't there the previous times that I hiked along
this trail, and may be the result of area residents getting
tired of answering the same question over and over again ;b 
If not for that man wading about out there, I'd not have 
realized how shallow the water in that area was! :O
 Two people enjoying an afternoon of fishing (one of them 
complete with face cover to protect it from the sun!) 
Another of those "Can you believe  this is Hong Kong?" images :)
If I'm not mistaken, the long piece of land in the background 
on the left side of this photo actually is that of a portion of
More than once when I've spotted a kayaker at Hoi Ha Wan,
I've thought that I should try my hand at paddling there some time... ;b


blue_balu said...

That's a really nice hike - I have to try this soon (once it gets cooler...)

YTSL said...

Hi blue_balu --

Yes, this is one to go when it's a bit cooler as parts of it don't have that much shade. Do also make it a point to go on a high visibility day, as this trail really offers up some really nice scenery. :)