Friday, May 29, 2015

Sunset views of Lake Shinji as the icing on a beautiful cake (Photo-essay)

How good can one day get?  That was what I asked myself on the day that began with my waking up on a comfortable bed at the Dormy Inn Express Matsue (an extremely good value business hotel that offered free buffet breakfasts, complimentary bowls of ramen between 9.30pm-11.30pm and the use of such as a rubber duckie when taking a bath!) and heading out to Izumo Taisha and then Cape Hinomisaki before heading back to Matsue and venturing out to the banks of Lake Shinji to take in another beautiful sunset.

A short bus ride took me from Matsue's main train station to a designated sunset viewing spot at the Shimane Art Museum (whose exhibits I actually never checked out!).  But rather than stay put in a spot, I elected to walk several meters along the banks of the lake -- and thereby ended up seeing the sun turn the sky into a beautiful range of colors as it moved closer to and eventually below the horizon that evening... :)

 Firstly, here's sharing a photo I took on my first day in Matsue
-- and yes, this was when I had an inkling that sunsets in

The first evening that I went to view a sunset on the banks of Lake Shinji,
it was really windy and the water on the lake consequently pretty choppy

 ...and there were moments when it looked like the sky was on fire!

The second time around, both the sky and waters appeared calmer
(and should you wonder, that's a Jizo statue in the picture too :b)

 I guess it'd not be so symbolically cool to call a place the
Land of the Setting Sun... but I do love sunsets,
and being able to take a photo of the sun like the one above! :)

This view almost left me lost for words...

This is one dreamy picture by my book ;b

But if I had to pick one favorite Lake Shinji sunset shot,
this would have to be it -- and yes, I think Yomegishima's presence
in the picture does add something to the overall composition :)

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