Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello Kitty (and Dear Daniel) at Windsor House!

Hello Kitty's 40 years old this year! 

By the exhibit area is a Hello Kitty pop-up store

For my money, this cute trio of baby Hello Kitty, baby Dear Daniel
and teddy are the most adorable in the whole show! :)

It doesn't take a special anniversary for Hello Kitty mania -- or even just special Hello Kitty exhibitions (interactive or otherwise) -- to manifest itself in the territory that shares the same initials as the cute cat.  Still, on account of this year being the 40th anniversary of Kitty-chan's coming into being, I am expecting a bumper crop of Hello Kitty-themed events to take place in 2014.

Earlier in the year, 7-Eleven had its annual Sanrio-themed promotion -- with 2014's being Hello Kitty's Hello Party.  (And here's thanking my friends who helped make it so that I managed to get pretty much every figurine from that collection that I wanted!)  

While I continue to await this year's annual McDonalds Hello Kitty plushie promotion (which already has begun in Singapore!) and this year's interactive exhibition extravaganza, I can content myself by visiting the Hello Kitty exhibition and pop up shop at Windsor House that opened on April 6th and will run through to June 8th.  And yes, I admit it: I've been there twice already but I swear I've not bought anything from the pop-up store... because, in all honesty, I don't think there's anything there that's as nice as the (many and varied) Hello Kitty items I already own!

If only there were plushie versions of the baby Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel duo that were, say, around 2 feet tall or long... If so, I definitely would be tempted to add them to my personal plushie collection! ;b


Bill said...

Hi Yvonne,

Nice to see you join in the Hello Kitty celebrations. Forty years ago when Yuko Shimizu stepped through the Looking Glass and created the mouthless feline known as Hello Kitty, she probably never suspected it would become an international marketing success, generating billions in revenue for Sanrio Co.

I think one reason this kawaii image has survived for so long is because she's a kind of goodwill ambassador, an instantly recognizable global image of happiness and friendship...I think Japan-China relations would improve, such as marine territorial disputes, if politicians from those two countries, sat at a conference table, surrounded by Hello Kitty collectibles - and just smiled at each other...They could even fly participants in on an EVA Airlines Hello Kitty jet!


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Are you sure that Hello Kitty's mouthless? I'm still not convinced that there's no mouth underneath the fur... ;)

Re your proposed diplomatic exercies: I think the EVA Airlines Hello Kitty jet would be a bridge too far for the mainland Chinese... but the Japanese probably would be willing! ;D