Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grape and Jewelry (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

Every so often, I've had semi-serious discussions with friends about what we're most willing to spend money on.  I know a couple of people whose biggest weakness/indulgence are shoes.  I also have one friend who rewards herself by buying expensive jewelry, handbags and clothes.  

But I honestly will say that I'm far more willing to spend money on delicious food and vacation trips, including to the country famous for its expensive fruit (including melons and grapes) and a city (Osaka) whose denizens are associated with the practice of kuidaore (i.e., eating oneself bankrupt)!  

Walking around Hong Kong, one sees many jewelry and luxury watch shops, and make it seem like someone not into jewelry (like myself) are the odd exception rather than the norm. The funny thing though is that when hunting through my photo archives for suitable images for Sandi's and Gattina's choices of Photo Hunt themes this week, I noticed that the vast majority of female -- not just male -- movie stars that I've taken photos of actually have not been dripping with jewelry like one might expect -- and this even when appearing on glamor occasions like film premieres!

As exhibit A, I offer up a photo of superstar actress Carina Lau flanked by her Beijing Love Story co-star Tony Leung Ka Fai and director Chen Sicheng: Note her sparkly but not all that large earrings and the lack of a necklace on her neck!  And as exhibit B, I offer up a photo of legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve, an attendee at this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival -- who, while favoring earrings larger than those by Carina Lau's, also eschewed having any jewelry around her neck. ;b


Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, that's a wonderful selection of fruit. The grapes are huge. I think the two actresses look beautiful with just the minimal amount of jewelry. With the exception of a few pieces, I don't own or desire a lot of pricey jewelry. My weakness is travel, photography and my apple toys. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

magiceye said...

Lovely takes.
Interesting to learn the Japanese have a word for eating oneself bankrupt!! Wow!!

EastCoastLife said...

Some of the fruits from Japan can be very expensive, like eating gold. :P

Gattina said...

When I was young I loved expensive jewelry I only wore real one. That stopped completely around my 50th and now I love fashion jewelry or silver and half precious stones. I never wore the expensive stuff again it lays in a safe and part of it I have sold.

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

If I hadn't been in search of sushi at the market, I might have been tempted by some of the fruit -- and it was fun seeing some schoolboys happily drinking juices from that store. :)

Hi magiceye --

Amazing that there's a word for that and such an idea, huh? ;b

Hi EastCoastLife --

Absolutely -- and yet after you try them, you understand why they're expensive. They can be so amazingly good -- especially the melons and tomatoes! :)

Hi Gattina --

I haven't regularly worn any jewelry since losing my beloved signet ring while whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River! ;(

Annie said...

I'm with you - I'd much rather spend my money on travel and food than jewelry. Like seeing the actresses!

Carver said...

As always, a great take on the theme. Thank you for your email. I responded to you by email and although I am not doing the photohunt for a while I wanted to check out your post. I'll miss photohunters and you always have such great shots and an interesting narrative.

Sue Demeter-St Clair said...

I think we all have weaknesses like of our own, but it is nice to see these beautiful women not feeling the need to over bling. Great take and I love how I always learn something new through your blog Cheers!

janaki nagaraj said...

Wow...those are some cool shots. Rubbed shoulders with celebrities ha?

YTSL said...

Hi Annie -- Glad I'm not the only one -- and I'm also chuffed that you like the photos of the actresses! :) Hi Annie -- Er... actually, I didn't email you (and haven't received an email from you). But I did leave a message on your blog... Hi Sue -- Yes, and I think those two actresses' lack of bling makes them look even more elegant. :)

Hi Janaki --

Not literally re rubbing shoulders with celebrities but... ;b

peppylady (Dora) said...

I also like Jewelry more then shoes.

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

I'm hardly a shoe person -- but I feel I need them but don't re jewelry! ;D

The Fragrant Harbour said...

Hi YTSL -- Interesting to see a picture of Carina Lau not wearing much jewellery... she is definitely one who likes to sparkle... a lot!

YTSL said...

Hi The Fragrant Harbour --

Perhaps she's getting more elegant as she matures... ;)