Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From The Twins towards Stanley (photo-essay)

I started my series of photo-essays of my November 2009 hike involving the conquest of The Twins three Tuesdays ago. So I think it's about time I concluded this three part series. But before I get close to where I left off the last time around, I'm unable to resist the impulse to backtrack a bit and putting up one more photo of some of the over 1,000 steps that need to be overcome as part of the hike...

Thank goodness for small mercies --
i.e., hard and concrete they may be but
these steps actually are very well spaced out

For better or worse, the trail
actually is not concrete all the way

Knowing that the worst part was over,
my hiking companion and I relaxed and
found time to look around and, if not smell,
then at least appreciate the flowers!

Hong Kong Gordonia (I think!)
growing in a scenic location on The Twins

As my regular hiking companion shows in this shot,
I'm not alone in being unable to resist snapping
photos of flowers and such along the way! ;)

Going down, we found the going quite steep
-- and also offering up memorable views

...vistas like this dreamy one of the Stanley Peninsula
and beyond to Po Toi

Concluding with alternative views of
the Po Toi ferry, Blake's Pier and Murray House from
those found in this earlier Po Toi photo-essay


Marta said...

This looks like a great hike. 1000 steps! It looks like you took time and relaxed along the way. I love the views because it is so open.

YTSL said...

Hi Marta --

Yes, it was a great hike and took my time. I have a great regular hiking companion who often reminds me: everything is possible, just take it slow and steady... :)