Saturday, July 17, 2010

Triangle (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

Hmm... what have we here? For one thing, another repeat Photo Hunt theme! But no matter... for as my fellow Photo Hunters regularly show, there definitely is more than one way to illustrate a theme. And for even more variation, whereas last time around I went for natural options, this time, I'm going for the cultural.

More specifically, I've opted for triangles in the form of triangular flags that are flown during festive occasions (in the case of the upper photo, that would be the very local and communal Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair) and other times of the year (like in the lower photo (taken over in Cheung Chau), where it and the nearby phoenix boat look like it's waiting for more festive times!) -- and add color to photos taken on gray sky days and general lives.

Adding to the gray day note: looking at my blog one day, a Hong Konger friend of mine asked "why are the skies always blue in your photos when they are not in Hong Kong?!" As I told him, I think he exaggerated on both counts. But to balance things out, here on this entry are indeed photos taken on days without bright blue skies -- indeed, it rained for much of the time that I was attending the Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair. (Still all credit to the organizers for managing to make the event one that still was able to add color and cheer to people's lives for at least a few hours that day!)


Susan Demeter said...

It does look and sound like a colourful and cheery event! Great take on the theme :)

Anonymous said...

great take on this weeks theme.

Photo Cache said...

if you know this one's a repeat, then you must be playing photo hunt for a long time.

lovely interpretation.

about your question - i didn't move to wordpress because i was dissatisfied with blogger. i added another blog and thought i'd try wordpress for the other blog.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

i would love to sail away so colorful and bright

Colin Campbell said...

Lovely marine shots. Always liked triangular flags

Anonymous said...

Nice flags!

"for as my fellow Photo Hunters regularly show, there definitely is more than one way to illustrate a theme"


LifeRamblings said...

nice triangle flags for the hunt.

YTSL said...

Hi Sue --

You mean the Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair? It took place amidst gray surroundings and yeah, I did think it added color and cheer to the area. :)

Hi And Miles To Go... --

Thanks! :)

Hi Photo Cache --

I've been playing Photo Hunt since before I moved to Hong Kong -- so... over 3 years now! :O

Hi Marcia --

I don't those flags will help you to sail away... but yeah, I guess the boats could! :D

Hi Colin --

Thanks. I was a bit worried that the Cheung Chau shot was on the gray side but I like it for its ambience -- and seems that you do too. :)

Hi Azahar --

Well, at least you didn't opt for flags too! :D

Hi Life Ramblings --

Thanks! :)

MaR said...

Love your triangles, I need a breeze to cool down right now. Happy weekend!


CRIZ LAI said...

Nice one... We have lots of those flags here too. :)

jams o donnell said...

Nicee take on the theme. I love the bright , vivid colours of the flags. Have a great weekend

Annie said...

Nice photos of those colorful flags. Happy weekend!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

These flags are big and needs a strong man to carry.

Stephani Cochran said...

I would have never thought of flags for the triangle theme. I never see a flag around here that is not rectangular. Great take on the theme!

Sreisaat said...

Nice flags - they definitely added color to an otherwise cloudy, gloomy day. In fairness, I've been to HK and I've seen its beautiful blue skies.

Sreisaat Adventures

Gattina said...

What an excellent idea and interesting too !

gigi said...

Such pretty colors and what a fun good time

YTSL said...

Hi Mar --

Agree that a breeze would be welcome. It's gotten pretty humid here. :S

Hi Criz --

I know lah! (Remember, I'm from Penang too! ;b)

Hi jams --

Thanks -- and hope you have a good weekend too. :)

Hi Annie --

Thanks, glad you like them. :)

Hi Ann --

...or strong woman! ;b

Hi Stephani --

We have rectangular as well as triangular flags here. Cool, eh? ;b

Hi Sreisaat --

The past few weeks have seen beautiful blue skies. Seems like there are way more of those in the summer than, say, winter. Maybe it's nature's way of compensating for cranking up the heat in the summer... ;S

Hi Gattina --

Actually, I just searched through my photo archives and low and behold... ;b

Hi Gigi --

Smiles to you too! :)

marta said...

I love the flags in the first photo. They do definitely brighten the day and really make it look festive. It sounds like a great local festival. I also realize that I rarely see triangular flags. It was popular for a while to hang banners outside of homes that matched a holiday but they were always square. A triangular one would have been cool.

Katya said...

Very colorful subjects for the triangle theme this week!
I love the colorful sail on the boat...

Marlene said...

Hongkong is indeed a colorful city. These festivals make it even more colorful. Those triangle flags are perfect for this week's theme.

Unknown said...

flags and banners definitely add to the festive ambiance. great take on the theme. have a great Sunday!

Jama said...

Nice flags!

YTSL said...

Hi Marta --

It's actually one of the more low key of the festivals I've attended in Hong Kong -- I think in part because it's held in one of the poorest parts of the territory. Having said that, it definitely was an enjoyable occasion for many. All in all, I think that day was a bright spot in the lives of many people.

Hi Katya --

To be honest, I don't think the flag is on one of the boats -- because, being phoenix boats, they are meant to be rowed (like dragon boats). But see how an optical illusion can cause you to think otherwise.

Hi Marlene --

Coincidentally, FYI: this year's Hong Kong Tourism Board theme has to do with... festivals! ;b

Hi Luna Miranda --

Thanks and it's been an okay enough Sunday for me, actually. :)

Hi Jama --

Glad you think so! :b

magiceye said...

beautiful takes!

YTSL said...

Hi magiceye --

Thanks, kind sir! :b

Dragonstar said...

I love the brightness of your first photo. That's just the way to cheer up a dull day.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Re that first photo: without those flags, it'll be pretty gray though... for that part of Tai Kok Tsui really is on the non-colorful side...

A. @ A Changing Life said...

Apologies for taking a full week to come and visit, and now I find you're on holiday!

I love your cheery flags - they most certainly do brighten up the day. I must have been taking my Photo hunt break for the last Triangle theme.