Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up the Twins and on towards Stanley (photo-essay)

And so it goes... the documenting via photo-essays of the memorable day last November that I finally "conquered" The Twins, that is. (And yes, I realize that I'm far behind with my hiking photo-essays but since I've been trying to ensure some variety in my blog entries... ;S) Looking back some more, I realize that this particular batch of photos aren't as beautiful or interesting in and of themselves as some of the others -- but I really value them because they bear testimony to my having completed a hike that I had worried for some time before that I might not be up to doing...

The reason why the same distance takes such different
amounts of time to complete is because
one way is over
rather flat terrain
while the other most definitely is not!

Some of the over one thousand steps
leading up and over The Twins

View of Violet Hill and beyond from The Twins

View of Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir
(and its green surroundings) from the northern Twin

Atop one Twin but a quick glance ahead confirms that
there's still quite a bit more
hiking to come

The path in between the twin peaks is wooded
and dry -- with the latter making things
the slippery and hairy side

The Wilson Trail marker situated
to the southern Twin's peak

Down a few hundred more steps -- and looking
like a mirage -- lies Stanley (town and peninsula)!

To be continued (as I have enough from this hike for one more photo-essay)!


ewaffle said...

I have really enjoyed following your trek to The Twins and this entry is a great example of how daunting a hike it might be. The photos showing the stairs vanishing upwards into the distance confirms my long held idea that with hills and stairs it is best to try not to know how far or how steep it will be but to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.

The first thing I thought of upon seeing the picture of the wooded and dry trail through the trees is that it would make a great set for a horror movie, a "Haunted Forest" type of thing. I am sure it isn't very creepy but it could be made so--at night with faint shadows thrown by the moon with an owl (or was it something else hooting in the background. :-)

YTSL said...

Hi ewaffle --

Thanks for your comments! Had got to thinking that the only one who got anything out of this blog entry for myself! :)