Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bags (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

If I didn't know it before, I really realize it now after a search through my photo archives for this week's Photo Hunt: I have bags of photos of scenery (natural -- through hiking -- but also urban) but not that many of bags per se or even just photos where bags of some sort prominently feature. So much so that I had to go all the way back to last year to find photos to share for this week!

In the end though, not one but three suitable photos have struck my fancy. The first has a bag that caught my eye because it's got a certain cute cat -- who is 35 years old this Sunday! -- on it. The second shows a pair of bag-laden photographers in action at the Tam Kung Birthday Parade (that I myself have bags of photos of!).

And the third photo features, of course, the (in)famous, cheap but colorful amah bags that are actually pretty durable -- and can withstand long-distance plane journeys despite their fairly flimsy appearance. (In this case, these bags look bound for the Philippines laden with goodies that hardworking Filipino maids -- who abound in Hong Kong -- are sending home to their families, even while not necessarily homeward bound themselves.)


jmb said...

Interesting as always YTSL. Sometimes we can't see the woods for the trees when we go looking for something for a theme but then suddenly everywhere.

Happy weekend to you.

CY said...

Haha. I love to se those bags that "amah" used. Remember those olden movies when Ah Chan from "Man in the net" movies. :) Have a nice weekend. CY

Photo Cache said...

I saw Hello Kitty bag and even though I am not a kid I would love to have one too.

Annie said...

You found some unique shots for this tough theme. Like you, I had some bags in the archives but they were not prominent. Glad my cats saved the day! Have a great weekend.

CRIZ LAI said...

Hello Kitty!! :P It looked as though everyone had a bag hanging on them all the time in HK. :P

Happy Halloween!

Mar said...

"He*llo Kitty" is 35??? I am feeling old right now, lol.
I use a small amah bag to take newspapers to the recycling center and I didn't know that! (the name, that is!)
Happy hunting and happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a huge collection of bags :)

magiceye said...

that sure is a great collection of images for the theme!

julie said...

I am sure a lot of families will be happy when they get these amah bags :)

Colin Campbell said...

Very useful those Amah bags. Used them many times on the way home from holidays. Have a happy weekend.

Pat said...

Funny on the last photo - all of the Moroccans here in France use those as well to send stuff back to Morocco!

Happy Weekend.

Gattina said...

I like the "Hello Kitty" bag, it's so cute ! even for an adult.

YTSL said...

Hi jmb --

Or to take another view: interesting what one can find when one searches long enough. ;b

Hi CY --

Hmmmm... I actually seem to have missed those movies you mentioned!! :S

Hi Photo Cache --

Hello Kitty is not for kids only!!! I should know -- as I own quite a few Hello Kitty plushed and things myself! :D

Hi Annie --

Hurray for cats, live and plush ones alike! :b

Hi Criz Lai --

Yes, people in Hong Kong certainly do like carrying bags around. I think it's because people tend to be out and about for so much of the day -- and on foot and public transportation (rather than private car as is more often the case in Malaysia)!

Hi Mar --

Yes, the cute cat has been around that long. Amazing, isn't it? And oh wow re you being another amah bag owner! :b

Hi archiearchive --

Er... are you talking to me?! ;D

Hi magiceye --

Thanks, glad you think so. :)

Hi Julie --

I reckon the same. :)

Hi Colin --

Did you buy a lot while on holiday perchance? ;b

Hi Pat --

Wow, those amah bags sure look like they've become popular in many parts of the world! :)

Hi Gattina --

Hello Kitty is NOT just for kids. So adults should feel free to embrace that furry feline! ;DDD

gengen said...

I like sling bag anywhere I go...Happy hunting!in

jams o donnell said...

AN excellent selection of phoitos. I used to see loads of those amajh bags when I worked at Heathrow airport in London.. I was amazed how sturdy they were. Happy weekend

Bengbeng said...

those amah bags r very durable too

Carver said...

These are all great shots for the theme. I so seldom photograph people other than family that I was totally at a loss for this theme until I thought of Halloween. You do such a great job photographing city scenes. I hope that you have a happy weekend.

Ladykli said...

OMG Hello Kitty is 35!!! Who knew?! I love Hello Kitty!

Your photos are always so colorful and interesting.

Check out my bags.

Mariposa said...

Nice photos for the theme. :)

Visit mine:

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

Life Ramblings said...

my mom is still using those amah bags to store old clothes for recycling.

Lisa said...

Great shots.

A. said...

Commenting while Blogger plays ball with Europe for a while.

Those amah bags have appeared in England, I noticed recently. They were being used as laundry bags. I bagged a couple! :)

chubskulit said...

My daughter love the hello Kitty!

Please check out what my daughter think and more…

YTSL said...

Hi gengen --

I'm not particularly partial to sling bags -- unless they have Hello Kitty on them! ;b

Hi jams --

Thanks -- and wow re your giving me further proof of amah bags being popular in many parts of the world! :)

Hi bengbeng --

Surprising how durable they are consider that their material looks so thin!

Hi Carver --

Thanks. And yeah, I'm like you in not taking many photos of people -- though, unlike you, I hardly take photos of family as well as strangers!

Hi Ladykli --

Yep, re Hello Kitty being that old. So to those who say that she's a fad... not at all! :D

Hi Mariposa --

Thanks and yep, have returned the visit. :)

Hi Life Ramblings --

Cool -- including the part re your mom recycling clothing! :)

Hi Lisa --


Hi A. --

I wonder... do people get them from Chinatown(s) or somewhere else altogether?

Hi chubskulit --

Lots of daughters love Hello Kitty! :b

Carolyn Ford said...

Great "bag" find!

YTSL said...

Hi Carolyn --

Thanks! :)