Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you see them too?

Found in the grounds of Seoul's Changdeokgung

Spotted near my family home in Penang
back in August

Now for something different...

Credit it to my over-active imagination but I can't help but see certain animal shapes in the clumps of leave and associated greenery in the photos above. And maybe it runs in the family -- for when I asked my mother, she confirmed that she too could see what I saw.

So... do you see them too? If so, care to name what those animals are in this post's comments thread? ;b


EG CameraGirl said...

I think I see a dog or bear in the top photo but sorry, I don't see anything n the second photo.

Anonymous said...

I think I see a seahorse, a bird, and a reindeer (or maybe it's just a dog with reindeer antlers) in the top photo; and the bottom photo definitely shows a giraffe... or a brontosaurus! ;)

lissa said...

the first pic - I just see trees
but the second pic looks like a dragon but of cause seeing something there is so suggestive, I mean you if haven't said anything, would we even try to see something there?

holga now said...

the first picture - a horse

the second picture - horse legs with a brontosaurus body.

The figure in the top picture could be real while the one in the second is mythological but perhaps not less real, whatever real means....

ewaffle said...

The top one is an antlered animal--maybe a fallow deer--with a very ornate tail which evolved so it can stabilize itself since it also evolved the ability to jump over 100 feet. But instead of jumping it is riding on the back of a a very large ostrich because it is tired from jumping so much.

I can't see anything but vegatation in the bottom one, though.

Dragonstar said...

There's definitely a dragon in the first photo - wings spread ready to fly, or maybe to protect her young. But then, I would see that ;)
Maybe a leaping deer in the second, or even a man with a strange hair-do!

YTSL said...

Hi all --

Thanks to deigning to tell me what you see (or don't) in the photos.

For the record, I saw a reindeer in the first photo and the kind of lion that features in Chinese lion dances in the second photos.

Re your answers: I think they often are informed by your cultural origins and proclivities -- and also say quite a bit about who is more imaginative and who's less so.... :D

And re duriandave's answer: have to say that *after* I read it, I saw the seahorse too! :D

Also, to Lissa: Good point re the power of suggestion. But funny isn't it that, for my part, I saw things there unprompted -- and enough to feel that they were worth taking photos of (and blogging about)? ;b

kitliew said...

I think you see horses too much, that's why you imagine horses. Hehe.... I can't even configure any horses in your pictures. I only see godzilla pulling the tree in your 1st pic. And the 2nd pic, tree branches grow on the head of the black thingy.

YTSL said...

Hi kit --

Ahem... I didn't see/imagine horses in the photos -- it was sbk who did! :D