Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lung Mun Country Trail redux (photo-essay)

At the beginning of the month, I posted a photo-essay showing how wet the Lung Mun (which translates into "Dragon Gate") Country Trail was when two friends and I hiked along it back in June. To be fair (and help balance things out a bit), here's going ahead and showing some beautiful and/or interesting scenic and close-up sights I saw in between -- and, in a couple of cases, after -- fording all those streams along the way... ;)

Can you get a good sense from this picture
as to how quiet as well as green it was

out there in this part of Hong Kong?

View that includes the Yuen Yuen Institute
which sbk and I visited a few years back

They may be shaped like flowers
but they're actually fungi!

Definitely flowers -- and pretty too
(but, alas, I don't know their names)! ;(

The power lines and towers and highway
can't spoil the view as far as I'm concerned

A view of Lion Rock
from a different angle then it's usually seen
-- i.e., from west of it

Our hike ended in the Shing Mun Reservoir area
which is beautiful but is not a place I
want to visit all that often

Here are a few of my reasons for feeling that way
-- yep, believe it or not, Shing Mun has
a monkey infestation problem! :S


Dragonstar said...

What a shame about the monkeys, because that's a really beautiful place. I love your photos.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Thanks for loving my photos -- and yeah, I've been told that the monkeys shouldn't be a problem if you are with a few people. But that news report that I linked sure makes things sound scary! :S

sarah bailey knight said...


Another great photo essay. Peaceful green Hong Kong (who da thought it), flower fungi (crazy) and Yuen Yuen Institute looks a lot different from above. Thanks for the plug.

PS I very much dislike/avoid places where monkeys run free as they can be nasty when in groups.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Thanks -- and glad that my hiking photo essays *are* attracting comments (at least from you and dragonstar)! :)

Re the monkeys: the trouble is that some ignorant people feed them, so now the monkeys invariably think people = source of food.