Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brigitte Lin in the news once more

Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia
(Photo credit: Christopher Doyle)

Two Saturday ago, the 45th edition of the Golden Horse Awards (sometimes described as the Chinese equivalent of the Oscars) took place in Taipei, Taiwan. Among the highlights of that star-studded evening was a surprise appearance by Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia to co-present a couple of awards with director Ang Lee. In fact, a report from Malaysia's The Star newspaper (sourced from Singapore's Straits Times) summed it up when it noted how "The former film superstar enlivened the night simply by showing up."

For all this, however, I did not expect that a few days later, the official media arms of the People's Republic of China -- i.e., Xinhua and CCTV -- would decide to carry very favorable coverage of my favorite actress in the whole, wide world in the wake of appearance at the event. But they really have (and yes, I absolutely do recommend that those who are fans of The Great One -- and/or those others who want to get some idea what the fuss about her is all about -- check out this link to the video clip of the (English language) CCTV Culture Express broadcast!).

Additionally, for those who can't get enough of Wondrous Beauty (as she was dubbed by the Chinese language press decades ago now), here's a video clip posted of YouTube of the now 50-something's Golden Horse Awards ceremony appearance and a blog entry with still photos from her 10 minutes on stage that evening... :)


Kathie Smith said...

哇!林青霞的普通话非常标准!很好听!Thanks for posting the links. Showing up is all she has to do - she is so poised and beautiful.

YTSL said...

Hi Kathie --

Brigitte is indeed so beautiful and poised. Also, was it just me or did she strike others as acting quite endearingly 'girlish' (even while very much looking the grown up woman) in terms of some of her gestures during her Golden Horse Awards appearance? ;)

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

I don't know about 'girlish' but to me she doesn't look her age. Love the Chris Doyle photo. So gorgeous, so talented.....fun blog entry

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Re "girlish" -- for me, one example is that half wave she gives when she comes out to thunderous applause. It's like she was not expecting it and wanting to acknowledge and still not completely sure whether it was the done thing to do -- so endearing! ;)

And re the Christopher Doyle photo: He may be a foul-mouthed little guy but he certainly can do great work! ;b

Willow said...

She looks great. She's not working on a film? Darn, if she's not.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Brigitte does indeed look great. And no, she's not working on a film... though I'm beginning to think that she might be ready to consider working on films that she deems worthy of her at long last!

Akiko said...

Re "girlish" or "endearing" -- I remember her as she is like that. Basically she is a shy person.

I, too, think she might be ready to do an acting job again.

YTSL said...

Hi Akiko --

A shy person who seems to be belatedly realizing -- through such as her recent Golden Horse Awards appearance and the one for the screening of "Ashes of Time Redux" in New York -- that she is indeed beloved by many...

And glad to hear that you too think she might be ready to do an acting job again. :)

*More than BTW, for folks who don't realize, Akiko = Akiko Tetsuya, author of "The Last Star of the East: Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia and Her Films". http://www.akikospace.com/book01.html

The Great Swifty said...

Yup, Brigitte was at the closing ceremony of the Dubai Film Fest too! I snapped a photo with her. Was shocked when I turned around and saw her walking behind me. (she was with Tsui Hark and his wife, Tsui Hark was a recipient for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the fest) Lucky!

YTSL said...

Hi Swifty --

Saw the picture on your blog. Am still reeling from the shock of her deigning to go to New York and Taipei and now... Dubai! Sounds like she really is gallivanting about in the world of film (festivals, awards, etc.) these days!

Re Tsui Hark: Wouldn't that be ex-wife? :S

The Great Swifty said...

Eh? Never knew about Tsui Hark and Nansun Shi's divorce. They looked pretty normal to me.

YTSL said...

Hi again Swifty --

Check out the following link:-

(Also, have had verbal confirmation of this from two different people in Hong Kong who I'd expect to know abut such things.)

The Great Swifty said...

Er, wow. And to think that they seemed almost pretty lovey dovey when I saw them.

Kralnetci said...

I don't know about 'girlish' but to me she doesn't look her age. Love the Chris Doyle photo. So gorgeous, so talented.....fun blog entry

YTSL said...

Hi Kralnetci --

I think Brigitte Lin looks her age these days but when she was younger, she really did look way younger than her actual age at times.

Have you seen "Run Lover Run"? She looks like a young teenager in it -- but was actually 22 when that movie was made. :)

eka muliawati said...

brigitte lin aka lin ching hsia itu cantik banget, aku suka beliau dari jam film swordman 2 aku toton sekitaran tahun 2005-2008
setiap tahun pasti aku nunggu di tv buat film itu di puter d tv,, mau nyari kasetnya maklum agag susah di tempat ku

sumpah, lin adalah artis paling cantik yang aku pernah liat,,
wajahnya bener2 sempurna

5 jempol buat beliau

semoga beliau selalu di beri umur yang panjang, kesehatan, kebahagiaan dan limpahan berkah. aamiin

YTSL said...

Hi Eka --

Wah, kamu suka Brigitte Lin amat banyak! (Wow, you really like Brigitte Lin a lot!)

Saya juga gemar menonton "Swordsman II" tetapi filem Lin yang saya tergemar adalah "Peking Opera Blues". (I too love watching "Swordsman II" but my favorite Lin film is "Peking Opera Blues"). :)