Friday, January 18, 2008

Latest writing round-up

An artifact at the Hong Kong Museum
of Coastal Defence in
Shau Kei Wan
that bears testimony to
the area's historic sea-faring ties

I'm a bit late this time around with my bc magazine article linking as the latest issue actually hit the streets yesterday. But better late than never, right? So here comes another round-up of the bits that I wrote:-

i) Finding Miss Blossom -- an arts feature article about the HK Dance Company's latest production, a contemporary dance offering inspired by a classic Cantonese opera;

ii) Ooi's Take On Othello -- an arts feature article about a Cantonese version of Shakespeare's tragedy (whose director, more than BTW, is originally from Penang, like me!);

iii) The Sparkle in the Dark -- a review of a movie from the least celebrated Tony Leung in the Hong Kong film industry;

iv) 27 Dresses -- a review of the Hollywood romantic comedy;

v) Editor's Diary -- ten things to check out in Hong Kong over the next two weeks;

vi) Live Music -- yes, I've taken over the writing of this section of the magazine once more; and

vii) Backside -- not all written by me; just the Stopwatch piece -- but yes, I took the photos for it too!

And I also didn't write the feature article on the Legislative Council building but also would like to recommend it for your reading interest -- and not just because another one of my photos I took got included in the hard copy version of this piece either! ;b


Willow said...

27 Dresses looks like it'll be fun thing to watch. I believe most brides have their bridesmaids' pay for their own dresses or provide a small subsidy. 27 would surely cause some damage. Oh, but this is make-believe so none of that stuff is important bc it doesn't fit in the story. heehee.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Must admit that I didn't expect to find "27 Dresses" to be such a fun watch. Your mileage may vary though; have read a couple of reviews (both -- coincidentally? -- by men) that have been less complimentary than mine!